As the so-called holiday season chugs onward, there’s nothing like watching something one would want on the old television set. Not so much as tuning in on a phone, a laptop, or through a electronic pad, but on a genuine video screen that resembles a TV set.

Thanks to all of the choices one has at their disposal, one would believe that with all of those choices, there would be something worth viewing. And thanks to those so-called “over the top” sources that are not found through broadcast, satellite, or coax cable, but through streaming, those viewers would be pleased in what they can find…right?

Well, according to a research study compiled by PwC (the accounting firm formerly known as PriceWaterhouseCoopers), almost two-thirds in their survey noted that TV viewers find it a “struggle” to discover something to watch. Some 62% of those polled stated that they can’t find something to look at after their timely search to find a program worth watching (with the search time running about a couple of minutes), 20% default to rewatching something they have already seen!

This factor isn’t much of a surprise to a generation of viewers that are getting used to the idea that one can consume their longer-form video information on any electronic device that can connect to an internet based source that sports a video screen. (Longer -form video in this case, is programming with a running time of ten minutes and up.) Depending on one’s age demographics, this is the method that video, not necessarily “television” but resembles this form of media, is to be used and recognized. The younger one from “Gen Z” (age 21 and less), to Millenniums (21-35) find this way to watch TV as the norm. These groups even find their choice or programming to consume influenced by people that they know. The PwC study finds that 51% noted that they watch a specific program based on what their family and friends state. It’s assumed that these family and friends are the people they know for real, rather than through “friends” only found through social media circles. However, a quarter of those polled (25%) noted that they watch a title so they won’t fall into the trap of being left out in discussions toward a program selection. (This term is better known as FOMO!)

During this current calendar season, although it may be called “the most wonderful time of the year” as a classic seasonal song notes within its lyrics, it can be the most hectic! With all of the shopping to do both in-store and online, as well as the cooking and baking (done inside of a real kitchen, no doubt) to all of the festive merry making that is part of the seasonal antics, one may not have the time to view video content. But they do! Thanks to the for noted phone devices, it’s a lot easier to take advantage of one’s favorite (or perhaps not-so-favorite) program while shopping in a physical store, creating editable goodies, or even attending a “holiday” based get-together. After all, if one is attending a party of some kind and they don’t care so much of what’s going on, one can just whip out the ever lovin’ smartphone, and you are good to go! This way to self distract one’s self may drop a subtle hint to the party giver that maybe the bash isn’t as great as one may believe! But this is besides the point!

But there is the reliable TV device that is bigger (as much as 7” across in screen size), hooked up to a booming sound system, (enough to blow out the windows of the place is one is so inclined), as well as a comfy place to plop one’s rear on! And with all of the choices to take a look at, there is plenty for everyone! So what’s the real beef?

As the new year is just around the corner, there will be more to watch, and more to complain about! Television is now experiencing its next big phase, perhaps the biggest change since color pictures replaced the old monochrome signals. (That’s “black & white” to those not in the know!) But as things do progress, so does television and its related aspects! And when more these changes, more will stay the same with the classic cries and gripes to recall with a zillion sources to pick through, there is still nothing worth peeking at! And this does not count going through the many remakes/reboots/reemerges of TV shows that originated from another generation. That’s a whole different issue as that stands, and more choices to ponder upon! So much for something really different!

HOLIDAY DILEMMAS, a collection of four short plays that takes place around the Holiday season, performs at Studio C theater in Hollywood for a limited run.

The first place entitled No Expectations, written by Michael Lamb and directed by C. Jay Cox stars Kurt Koehler and Kate Robertson about a man who performs drag shows receiving a visit from a daughter he never knew he had. The second play, Physical Beauty & Other Abnormalities, written by James Edward Quinn and directed by Christopher Comeau, features Calvin Picon and Manuel Soro that tells about a man with a physical deformity on his face and a visit from a “professional” man to perform an intimate “service”. The third piece, Mikey, written by Jackson Courtney and directed by C. Jay Cox, speaks about a young man back from military service who visits his parents at home as mom is surprised to see her son while dad is mentally out of touch. Mikey stars Nicole Stanton, Michael Edelstein, and Jordan Santoro. The final play, Margerie (Siclam) features Trisha Stahl and Brandon Nagle as a noted serial killer who visits the home of his next victim, an overly obese woman, only to get his intentions become a bit complicated.

This quartet of plays runs the gambit between comedy and somberness with a pinch of charm along with a touch of bittersweetness. The comic elements portrayed are of the quirky type. When it becomes dramatic, it does so with true emotion. One can feel how the season to be merry and bright can become anything but through default!

Granted, there a number of holiday based productions floating around town to experience. Some are of the musical variety, while others can yet be another re-re-re-telling of Charlie Dickens’ greatest hit! But for those that desire a seasonal alternative, this collection of short plays will all do the trick! And with a eighty minute running time (give or take), one will have plenty of time to extend the holiday cheer after the show by heading off to one’s favorite watering hole for a tom and jerry or a cold glass of high powered egg nog! After all, that is what the season is really all about–taking responsibility of course!

HOLIDAY DILEMMAS, presented by Studio C Artists and Combined Artform, performs at Studio C, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. (between Wilcox and Cole Avenues), Hollywood, until December 16th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM., with an additional performance on Thursday, December 14th at 8:00 PM. For ticket reservations, call (800) 838-3006, or via online at

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