In what appears to be the never ending battle over TV the way one once knew of it, we have yet another report on a person’s personal quest to find the method to watch the most variety of television programming for the minimal cost, based upon how much one receives for the monthly ticket in order to gain access.

This person that this writer will call “Mr. X” ( we can’t pick more of a creative name, but that’s not the focus of this article) recently received his bill from the local cable company. This company who at one time was owned by a major player in a variety media and is now operated by a firm that only deals with cable and internet services, slapped this person for the prime cost of $118.56 to obtain some 100+ channels of program that the person only watches as the very most, six out of those 100+ channels.

Considering that Mr. X only takes a look (if not only a peek) at those six channels, it wasn’t worth the cost for ponying up over a “C” note to glance at a half dozen places found within televisionland for his information and possibly for entertainment! Mr. X won’t allow this writer to revile what those specific channels are because it may denounce his preferred political viewpoints! At least it has nothing to do with watching porn channels so says Mr. X, considering that there are no porn channels made available those the cable company. That’s why one can find those source on the ‘net!

And since the for noted ‘net is the place to find more channels for less money, that is what Mr. X did. He got one of those TV devices that plug into an internet connection via an ethernet cable and to a high def TV set. For some $35.00 per month, Mr. X can see more video programming he would tolerate, including those news channels that cater to how he stands via right, left, and center on the political scale!

Your humble reporter feels that he isn’t telling you savvy readers anything you didn’t know in the first place, where cable ain’t what it once was, and streaming media is the chose to go or so says the stats! This form of media even has its own name, called “Over The Top” television, or “OTT” in lingo speak. Nowadays, OTT television, or OTT “video”, since this method of moving imagery can be viewed on any electronic device that sports a screen not necessarily limited to a traditional TV device, appears to be the method to use, since it not only can be accessed through a device that one can fit in a pocket, but it’s a whole lot cheaper to get access to! Those prices range from free to around $35.00 per month. The free subscriptions do have a limited selection of choices, but will be advertiser supported–the reason why they are offered for free! The services one pays for has more choices with limited (if any) advertising. Some folks take multiple packages while other will pick one or two to view. Perhaps the “biggie” of them all, Netflix, will give a viewer thousands of titles to peek at for barely $10.00 a month–more choices in terms of movies and their “television” programs that’s their new big draw.

Of course, this same writer isn’t making any endorsements on where to go and how much one should pay as one source isn’t necessarily better than the other since prices do vary, and so are the titles made available. (Visit the programming source’s website for all of the details!) So there are plenty of places to cut that cord, assuming one had a cord to cut in the first place!

That’s it for now! Happy viewing!

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