Now that the younin’s (and perhaps the not-so-youngin’s) are back in school, assuming that they need to be inside of a classroom setting, it’s the moment to see what’s going on within this wide world that we all live in.

As expected, one doesn’t necessarily needs a source as this one to find out the details (we are one of many) as this article isn’t so much about so-called “breaking news” that must be reported on as it happens. It’s about some of the notions that people don’t necessarily think about, or are not totally aware of unless some other source brings the topic up to one’s attention. Our job here at Accessibly Live Off-Line central isn’t so much about reporting the breaking news as it unfolds right before your beady little eyes, but to find some outside aspect to report here, such as food fads, things that go “pop”, or related topics that can be boring yet important for what they stand for!

One place that this reporter tends to visit on the good ol’ world wide web is This place is where one can post a question of some sort, and to have those that hold interest to the question answer within an “electronic bulletin board” fashion. Many of the questions can be useful (“How can I create a resume that will lead to a job interview?”), amusing (“What’s the dumbest thing you ever did?”) to even something one used to have answered in a Dear Abby or Ann Landers newspaper column. (“I’m cheating on my husband! What should I do now?”)

Remaining to the questions in falls within a human interest nature, one question we found was asked by an anonymous person stating “What makes you feel old?”

Over one hundred participants responded by people who identified themselves in age from the early teens to those well past seventy years. A good chunk of these people appeared to be of the Gen-X era (those born between 1965 through 1979–give or take a few years), and Millenniums, those born within the last two decades of the 20th century (1980’s and 90’s), that marketers seem to dote upon since they are tech savvy and are of legal age. A few people identified their age as post-2000, making them seventeen years old and less–again, give or take a year.

As to the replies. Many state that they have experienced people that never knew that phones were once connected to a wire, television was something you didn’t have to pay for, musical bands that were formed decades before are still popular by those that have no recollection of those bands when at their peak or as once active, such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, or any other musical group that made their mark within the last fifty years.

A selection of the responses were based upon personal observations that only the responder noticed. One replier stated on watching TV shows as a youth (1970s) that were of a favorite back in the day. That same person had the opportunity to watch the same series again (thanks to streaming media as well as those over the air channels that feature “vintage” television such as MeTV, etc.) That person noticed that the show looked “old”, if not “cheesy”! (Apparently, the show didn’t age well in the eyes of the replier!) Another person stated they realized their aging due to no longer looking forward to birthdays and actually wanted to be young(er) again! (And this person claimed to be fifteen years old!!) Another person who as a kid would collect things of interest that can be used for something else. (A box can become a rocket ship! A button can be used as an art project!) Now as a twenty year old, when the person found a stray button, the button was left alone. The interest of using the button as an art project went away. And there was the woman who looked at a mirror only to see an image of her own mother!

For those that are interested in reading these replies on their own, check out the link at

It’s been stated many times that age is only a number or a state of being. Everything and everyone will age based on the laws of physics and other notions that this writer doesn’t understand. Nostalgia has been a well accepted state of being as well, even back in the days when nostalgia for another era was in its peak when that era that used to be the present is in today’s world another era of nostalgia. For instance, during the 1970s and 80s, a group of nostalgia fans in Chicago used to host old movie screenings every Saturday night in a community back multipurpose room that showed feature films from the 1930s and 40s. In today’s landscape (2017), the era of the 1970s and 80s are part of a nostalgia era at its own. And interestingly enough, those “old” movies from thirty to forty years before still have the same appeal today as they did in the 70s and 80s. The then “current” movies from the 70s and 80s are also considered as nostalgic today, but in a different frame of mind comparing to a 1930s or 40s release.

As a media archivist, this writer watches a lot of TV programs for the 1970s. Yours truly watched more TV back then as I do now. Many of the titles that I look at are vary familiar to me as I recall a lot of the imagery, but doesn’t seem to be “old” to me. However, I have to remind myself that what I am looking was created some forty years before! And yes, I personally know of a lot of people that wasn’t even born when these shows first aired while at the same time, many of the people that appeared in these same shows are now long dead!

But time marches on, and the only things to do is to march along. The only way to progress forward is to join the parade and carry on. Perhaps kids today may be going to school on foot or through a shared ride summoned by way of a phone app while “you” used to walk twenty miles to school in a blizzard while shoveling snow and fighting wilder beasts along the way. However, kids won’t believe that story in the same mode as you not believing it back in your era when told to you from an elder. The more things change….
Due to scheduling conflicts, there are no reviews in this issue. Stay tuned for more reviews of current stage shows appearing in next week’s issue! See you then!
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