As with the traditional start of our fiscal year, we take the time to present our report on how this newsletter series progressed since the beginning of our season to the end of that same period, generally stating between July 1st, 2016 through June 30th of this year.

First and foremost, we have seen circulation up within the previous twelve months. Since July 1st, our traffic through our website has increased by 10%. We are gaining more “hits” through our presence on the web. The increase of traffic was boosted from late November and continued through the spring season. Many of our “hits” came from mobile devices in the form of smartphones and tablets, with the biggest increase came from phone devices. Laptop/desktop access has fallen just a tad and tables remained slightly up. But it appears that having our readers take hold upon us have reached a point where phone devices rule. No matter where you may be in this world, so are we, just as long as those readers has access to an internet connection. And judging upon how the ‘net is the be-all-to-end-all, that’s nearly anywhere and everywhere!

Our traditional newsletter sent via e-mail was held rather steady. Although circulation on that version remained flat, we continue to provide the standard news and reviews that had made us present on and through the web for the past twenty one years.

As to other notions, our parent company, Linear Cycle Productions, recently revamped its website. Anyone that visits up on the web at will discover what we also preform in terms of multimedia applications. This is a service that we have provided from some time, and now this service is being offered to those that hold the strong need to complete. Not only one can find out on what we do, but one can also find links to Accessibly Live Off-Line, and through our presence on our YouTube Channel viewing back episodes of Accessibly Live, a program that was produced in the latter 1980’s and early 1990’s. We are also going through our media archives to post additional episodes of this long running series, as well as a few other surprises! Stay tuned for further developments.

Social media is alive and living. Our Twitter account @ACCESSIBLYLIVE posts when our latest edition hits the streets, and our Facebook page at is gaining new “friends” on a regular basis. Stop in during your next Facebook visit to say “hello”! (And speaking of Facebook, our fake entries we created a few years ago are still on the air with one of them having 5000 “friends”-the maximum limit one can have on Facebook outside of being a “liked” person!)

On a side note, this writer is also involved with a company that became officially established within the previous year: Archive Estate Sales, LLC, a full service provider of the sale and liquidation of household goods and personal effects found in domestic homesteads within the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. For more details on that company, visit

That is where he have been since our last report. As to where we are going? Of course, we will continue to provide the standard service we create as to what our readers want and desire. This is a farer notion from other sites that carry news that also provide video links to something that is reverent to what’s being reported. Although the larger media companies post video content created by the company in question, most of the other sources post content that came from somewhere else. That’s all good for what that is. But to keep things pure and simple, we place the news that only matters. If we do have access to original content that isn’t necessarily archive material, then we will post such. The moving imagery of older and perhaps “classic” stuff will remain on our YouTube channel at

  That’s what has been going on within the past year. However, we still welcome your input and encourage everyone to add their comments on this news service, or any other source noted in this report. Drop us a line at, or through For you spammers out there, send your note(s) to Granted, we may not read your reply, but at least you have a place to send your intentions! After all, we do want to grab a piece of that million dollars found in a shoebox near Upper Volta that you are willing to share with us! Who’s going to pass up an offer for free money anyway, hah??

Because of the holiday weekend, there are no reviews this issue. Stay tuned for more reviews coming you way within the next few weeks! See you then!

is a presentation of Linear Cycle Productions
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ACCESSIBLY LIVE OFF-LINE (C) 2017 Linear Cycle Productions. All rights reserved. The views and opinions are those of the writers, and not necessarily of the staff and management. ‘Nuff said!


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