There was an article that appeared in a recent issue in First for Woman, (one of the few magazines in print targeting the female demographic that is not published by either Hearst or Meredith) that was titled What Your Dream Vacation Says About You? , informing the reader that taking a vacation to a specific place presents a personality trait to the vacation-ee.

This form of study uses stats as presented by Stanley Plog Ph. D., and Bahir Browsh who are behind the website that analyzed data taken from some 250,000 travelers over a forty year time span. This collected data states its accuracy to be near 100%, and presents a personalty based on where the vacationer chooses to go and do and how the vacation is executed.

For instance, if one travels to a historical place or landmark, say Gettysburg or Mt. Rushmore, one would be a leader type. Someone who’s engaging and intelligent; a person that enjoys historical destinations that challenges one’s complex mind. If somebody prefers going to a tropical destination (Hawaii, etc.) one is a “go-getter”, a person that craves a deep sense of relaxation to balance an ever busy lifestyle. If somebody prefers to go to a place that calls for adventure (rafting down a river, or camping in the woods), that person is curious, somebody that wants to experience something new and exciting. If going to the big city is an ideal vacation spot, one can be somebody who’s dependable. A person that is organized, honest, calm, and somebody who feel at their best when things are all consistent to one another. And if somebody wants to stay where one lives i.e. experience a “stay-cation, one can be labeled as somebody who’s friendly, and lives a carefree style of being. That person enjoy the company of those close to the stay-at-home vacationer.

Of course, much of the above noted descriptions of these personalities was taken verbatim by way of the notes as reported by Stanley Plog Ph. D., and Bahir Browsh who were behind this study of vacation habits based upon where one heads off to for their personal “R & R”.

It’s around this time of the year where folks who plan to take a few days off for their vacation decide upon where their desire is to go. Some folks plan to head off to a place they have never experienced beforehand, while others head off to the same spot that they have been placing themselves for the number of seasons gone by. This “same time same station” routine is either performed through choice, or just through circumstance. The adventurous seek new places to see and the things to do that go along with those new discoveries. They make those vacations a thrill.

As to those that don’t even bother to go anywhere? Those so-called carefree people can be free sprits and all with staying put. But if they remain in their spot, it could be for the reasons set not necessarily by one’s picking. It could be because they just can’t get away, or they can’t afford to spend the time and money to get some “R ‘n R”, as that notion can be more stressful than what it’s worth!

So the study on people’s personalities based on where they go and what they do is very amusing. Where one heads off to or how they take their time off is good for them! One can even send off a postcard to friends stating “having a wonderful time wish you were here” if as fine. But then again, who sends off postcards? That statement is more suited as a tweet or a bland post on one’s wall on Facebook! But it’s vacation time, so who’s really counting?

CARS 3 (Disney/Pixar) finds Lighting McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) back in the racing circles. He’s been at it for some time, but not being as the eager, young, and fast racer as he once was. While participating at a race, he encounters a new competitor, Jackson Storm.(Armie Hammer). Jackson may be the new rookie, but he’s part of the new generation of racers, eventuality becoming the latest star of the Piston Cup circuit. In order for Lighting to compete with Jackson, he must train in order to become part of this new generation. His sponsor Rust-Eze was sold off to a new group run by Sterling (Nathan Fillion), a car that’s all business! He assigns Lighting to a new trainer, Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) that teaches Lighting the new tricks of the trade. Lighting still holds on to the images of his mentor, the “late” Hudson Hornet (voiced by Paul Newman) to guide him through. Although Lighting may not be as fast as Jackson, he can become smarter as his nemesis. It’s up to Cruz, as well as Lighting himself, to find out how!

This latest entry to the “Cars” franchise is a much different feature than to the previous entry “Cars 2” that was released some six years ago. In that feature, there was more emphasis to the character that serves as comic relief, the tow truck Mater (voiced by Daniel Lawrence Whitney aka Larry The Cable Guy). Although Mater does appear along with most of the cars that made this franchise to what it is for the folks as Disney and Pixar, his character is reduced to a minor role. In Cars 3, the focus is between Lighting and Cruz as the former aims to be what he always was, while the latter attempts to teach an older car some new tricks as the “old car” learns a few tricks of his own!

The screen story by Brian Fee, Ben Queen, Eval Podell, and Jonathon E. Stewart, with screenplay by Kiel Murray, Bob Peterson and Mick Rich has more heart and soul than the previous entries. There isn’t as much wacky humor as one would expect for an animated feature of late, where the comedy focus can be leaning toward the snarky side! (This method of comedy found in animation features is geared toward the adults rather than the kids!) In fact, this lack of cocky humor makes this feature quite enjoyable where one doesn’t expect have fast paced punch lines uttered by its cast. Brian Fee directs this film that is amusing (not necessarily “funny” in the traditional sense), and is the best of the animated features released this year–so far! After a while, one actually forgets that this movie is really a “cartoon”. Much of the racing scenes is conducted in a very realistic manner, showing off to the rest of the CGI animation world that Pixar has the tools of the trade. If they didn’t invent those tools, they rewrote it!

Although it’s too soon to tell, there might be a Cars 4 that Pixar will create sometime soon! Among all of the titles this animation studio has released within the past twenty plus years, the Cars series is the most profitable in terms of merchandising. And since Disney lives on merchandising, expect to see a fourth entry sometime soon! As long as the cash registers ring, so will Cars!

This feature is rated “G” for nothing offensive! Now playing in multiplexes nationwide!
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