In last week’s issue (Vol. 22-No. 23 in case you’re keeping track), this writer was laying down a piece about working in a “dream job”, a form of work or employment that one holds a personal passion to do, and perhaps doing such a gig for a real salary or perhaps for any salary! In order words, doing what you would like to do and getting paid for it, too!

Of course, it’s indeed possible to land such a sport that is for the good of one’s self. However, depending on what one wants to do can be a challenge, since finding such a gig may be more difficult as if could get, if indeed even possible!

For a number of folks, the art of finding such a role in life can be tough. Some will be constantly on the prowl looking for the so-called “magic job” that’s out there somewhere, only to find it immediately. Others may come across it later in their search. And sadly, a few may never find it, only to discover that that job may not even exist at all! That is, unless one creates such a spot for themselves.

This writer has heard about a few stories from those that stated that they held the desire to become involved in such a form of employment by finding somebody who’s in the same field, only to ask them for a job or at least to ask them who to see for such a spot, hopefully for pay! (More on that in just a bit!) And a few of these tales from the job field involved the media, specifically the “entertainment” industry–that type of business that many people tend to have some kind of interest in.

Of course, the entertainment industry involves such mediums as movies, television, and to a lesser extend, the theatre. (There are other forms of businesses that can be categorized as part of “the entertainment industry”, but we’ll stick to the first two choices for this example!)

Those picks tend to involve actors and acting. (When we state about “actors”, we mean those that create some kind of characters are people of both genders!) These are the kind that are first seen in the spotlight, and hold the most fame and even fortunes! Then there are those that work behind the scenes, such as directors, writers, and the like. Then there are those jobs that are called “below the line”, such as set decorators, make up artists, film/videotape/moving image editors, etc. Those gigs may not hold the glamor and notability as those that act for a living, but are important nevertheless. Those that are established within those fields tend to be known within their own circles. Granted, there are some directors that hold the same status as an actor, but for a prop master? Not so much! (You won’t read about prop people in People magazine, or even hear about them on some piece appearing on E! Entertainment.)

As to those “true stories” this writer heard about involved those that wanted to become a writer in TV and/or movies. Not just any kind of writing mind you, but to write comedy pieces, either one-line jokes and full blown comical epics.

Those tales had the wannabe writer attempt to get their craft out to those that are connected, such as stand up comics, or those that write for well known or even lesser known TV sitcoms. There mission was to create samples of their writing skills on some form of fixed media (paper), and to give those sheets to those power-that-be to add a “Look what I can do!” response.

Once source that this writer personally knows told me in some form that he wanted to write comedy. His self-given assignment was to stop over to the offices of a writer (or in this case, the writing team) to say hello and to give to them a sample of his writing abilities. So he went over to the studio lot where the writers held an office space. He told the secretary on duty at the office that he wanted to see this pair of writers. She told him that they were in some kind of meeting, but he could sit in the office to wait until they were done. So he took a chair to sit down upon and wanted. And waited. And waited. Finally, one of the writers exited the office where the meeting was held. The wannabe got up to say something to the affect of “Oh Mister Big time Writer! I’m a wannabe writer, and would like to meet with you!” This big time writer looked at this lad and noticed that he held a lot of enthusiasm as well as patience to wait all of this time. To make a long story short, our hero did get a gig as an assistant to this writing team. Their friendship lasted for many years since and continued when one of the big time writers passed on. And this form of connected started out by attempting to make our wannabe writer known with the sincerity he possessed.

One can guess that this little episode occurred a few generations ago when walking in coldly to a writer’s office was a lot easier that it would be in today’s world. Nowadays, if one wanted to get to one’s office, the management would call security and before one would know it, our wannabe writer would be tossed out of the place, if not charged on a trespassing rap. Even if one could even get close to the writer, the wannabe writer has to be of a certain age; Let’s say under the age of 35, or even 30! (The younger the better!)

This method of getting a dream job won’t get one far in the current landscape as there are other methods to reach out to those out there. Social media has served as a springboard to those that have the desire to not only get what they want, but to even become famous in their own right. Even if one has no desire to become an actor, writer, or something out of “show biz”, if it quite possible to get a job in something they want to do. Granted, it may not be easy per se, but it’s more possible than one may think! It’s part of the thrill of the chase to do something that is part of being somebody or something. Even if the pay is small for what it is, one dose has the chance to move somewhere!

This writer will continue upon this tale on dream jobs in future issues. Until then, just stay tuned to this news service for updates!

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