As the second week of ’17 progresses, there has been reports billed as “true” news, comparing to that “fake” news that has been the rage of late, of folks already breaking their new year’s resolutions–the annual list of things to do in order to make the resolutions writer a so-called better person within the world they exist in.
The tradition goes something like this. On or around January 1st, a list is compiled where the person who is behind the list creates a personal goal to make that same person a better citizen in some method. Such items within their year long “to do” list can ranges from losing wright, quitting a vice (smoking, drinking, etc.), visiting and/or calling upon a family member to keep a communication line open (mom, the kids, the “ex”, etc.), and other factors that mean more to the person holding on to the list than anything else.
Just as a list is created at the first day of the month on the first month of the year, that list of resolutions wind up as misforgotten by January 31st. Usually there are a follow up list of excuses that’s behind why the promises to one’s self were not kept. (“I had no time to go to the gym!”, “My ex won’t answer any texts I sent out!”, “I forgot!”, etc.). Some of these excuses can be rather legit, while others can be lumped as good ol’ bulls#it!
Of course, the reason why such resolutions are never kept is the fact that these promises are rather hard to keep, if not downright difficult to maintain. These lists of “things to do” and “things not to do” can be overwhelming or just over the person’s head. Although these resolutions were made for the good of the list keeper as well as created with good intentions, the person who compiled that inventory of goals for the new year winds up taking a hard look at the list only to state “phooey”, and thus, walk away from something that just can’t and won’t be kept!
But not all new year’s resolutions wind up in the trash heap by February 1st. There are some folks that make up these lists for themselves. Not so much as “resolutions” per se, but as a list of personal goals.
A report we received right before the Christmas weekend from the folks at MediaPost did a survey asking domestic mothers (adult aged females who are moms or caretakers to kids under the age of eighteen), if they were going to compile new year’s resolutions, and if so, what were some of the items that were going down on their list. Although nearly one third of those polled gave an answer of “yes”, some of those were not to keen in making such a index. According to the report article, one person was quoted by stating “I’m so tired of hearing about resolutions! Why bother making them? I end up breaking them within the first few weeks of the year. Why set myself up for failure?”
But things were not as gloomy as the above quote may testify. The article continued to note that nearly all of those polled (97%) stated that they were going to set up goals for themselves for the new year. And the magic word word here is “goals”, rather than “resolutions” that tend to sound like an order of command where one must commit themselves to accomplish this task–or else!
And what were these goals that these women stated were on their lists? According to the results, those on the hit list were in their order of preference: Get healthy; Be happy; Make my home environment more peaceful and beautiful; and Make a positive impact on my community. (Volunteering for a worthy cause, etc.)
And there was the elements of keeping happy as well as having a balance within their lives. Those notions were stated as: Spending time with family: Doing little things for themselves; Exercising; Having quiet/meditation time; and Spending quality time with friends.
Although this list can be found as overwhelming, that isn’t necessarily the case as their was no hard deadline ever intended to complete these goals. The tasks would be conducted, if not completed, over a undeclared period of time. As the report also quoted from another polled person, “Resolutions are so binary. You are either always doing it or you aren’t. A goal seems much more flexible and achievable to me. I don’t have to be ‘resolute’ in my journey to achieve the goal.”
And to add is the state of emotion where these same moms gave for the new year.
The report detailed that the top three emotions for ’17 are optimistic, being happy, and  coming in at a distant third, anxious!
So leave it up to the moms out there to make the rules when it comes to new year’s resolutions. Granted, the above quoted report only covers a small demographic. This just means that other results may vary! Some people make make long hard list of things to do and to actually accomplish them. Other may make lists that are the same as the previous year’s list. And many don’t even bother for reasons that only make sense to the person in question. Whatever the case, that is what makes the new year just what it is; A year where promises are made, and where promises are changed, mismanaged, or just plain forgotten! That’s another part of the never ending saga of domestic life!
No reviews this week, but in the next issue, we’ll present two separate reviews of new productions opening up in the region. We’ll see you then!
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