This issue is being released on Halloween, that time of year where things tend to go bump in the night. The weekend before saw a lot of Halloween type parties taking place, loaded with the usual end of October antics complete with party food, beverages (spiked or otherwise), as well as folks dressed up in characters from traditional (the spooky type) to those that are trendy for the moment. (Too many Donalds and Hillerys out there to count!)
However, in spite of all of the harry and scary shenanigans, one holiday season that has already made its mark on the domestic scene is the period named with the generic sounding title called “The Holidays”, the time of year that blends Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all other occasions (real or otherwise) that fall within the month of December that call for the exchange of gifts and related rituals.
Ever since the Columbus Day weekend, or for the folks up in Canada, the Thanksgiving Day weekend, many of the retail outlets has already started upon the holiday shopping blitz. These retails outlets both big and small working online and offline, find this time of year as the most profitable where sales of goods are at their peak. Many of these outlets tend to push their goods that same month even when the items are not necessarily seasonal per se, but are the types one tends to get as a gift, usually as an afterthought. Scented candles and boxed cheese, crackers, and smoked sausage kits tend to fall within this category. (And no offense given or implied to scented candles and boxed cheese sets retailers!)
Gift getting is all just another part of the shopping experience. This form of retail experience has made a drastic change over the last twenty or so years. From the classic method of trekking to the shopping malls from getting all the post modern way of grabbing the goods online, the art of holiday shopping is an art to itself, if not a complex strategy in its own right.
Findings from a project recently conducted by the marking firm RadiumOne proves these points. In their report, called RadiumOne Data Report 2016: Unlocking the Value of The Holidays found that folks will be at their stores with their electronic devices in hand to not only find the best bargain around, but will know nearly anything and everything on what they will buy, with their might buy, and even where and when to buy the products.
In the report, based upon the results found the previous season of October through December 2015 and data collected from 1000 survey responses, discovered that 38% of consumers will search, research and purchase their gifts online, with only 8% researching and shopping in-store. 43% will use only one device while shopping (smartphones mostly) but 29% will have more than one gadget to assist.
Social media will play a big role in shopping with the exchange of sharing information on who’s got what as the best deal. Although places as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others will play a role, most of the sharing of info occurs in what’s called “dark social channels” consisting of emails, text messages, and instant messaging.
Demographics will play a big role, too. Those of the Millennium age (18-34) will purchase clothing. Those age 65+ will purchase gift cards. Three out of five consumers will start planning their seasonal shopping within three months of the season. Men will wait longer than women,  28% will wait until the final month, and 5% wait until the final week!
And although this fact doesn’t have much to do with shopping, the report states that folks will watch more TV during the holiday season, but not as much as the previous year. 58% said they will watch more TV during the season, down from 9% in 2015. Some 69% of Millennials will also watch more TV, but it will be down from 11% as noted from 2015.
And for the record, this year marks the 50th anniversary when CBS first aired the animated special, Dr. Susses’ How The Grinch Store Christmas, directed by Charles M. “Chuck” Jones, thats been on the air every year since 1966 when that holiday was called “Christmas”!
So as the frost gleams on the pumpkins while adults, who pretty much took over the holiday of Halloween, are out having a great time sporting blue colored sack dresses with pearls around their neck or folks wearing suits with red ties around their necks sporting bad looking toupees, just make sure you get what you want for any holiday! It won’t get better that that!
The Eclectic Company Theatre presents WEED SHOP THE MUSICAL, a tuneful tale that blends a “boy meets girl” story within a background of “herbal healing”.
Nate Werner stars as Dave, a proprietor of a medical marijuana establishment aka a “weed shop”-one of those places that dispense such herbal remedies found in California, or specifically, Los Angeles. He is presently involved with Stephanie (Katie Porter), a slightly older and somewhat conservative woman who is an opposite of Dave. She is totally against the substance Dave dispenses, in spite of the fact that it’s all legal just as long it’s for “medical” purposes. Dave keeps a relationship with this woman because she’s the only woman he can find. Not too far away from Dave’s shop is Alicia (Amanda Charney), a doctor who writes up prescriptions for herbal remedies to anyone who desires to be cured (or close to a cure) for their “illnesses”. Dave’s business partner Kyle (Mandie Hitterman) senses that Dave is waisting his time being involved with somebody who thinks otherwise of the goods he sells. He eventually meets up with Alicia,, but the two make an attempt to hide on what they really do, not knowing that they are in the same line of work involving weed. Will Dave and Alicia find out that their desire of weed may bring them together? Will Stephanie ever get back with Dave, even though he won’t give up his business? And will she ever change her ways from her attitude to her partner choice?
This new musical with book, music, and lyrics by Becca Grumet & Madelyne Hayman is a very lively production that contains a lot of wit along with a selection of tunes that bring out the sprit to what weed in LA is all about! It’s also serves as a post modern version of a classic romantic comedy. There are many comical bits scattered throughout this show that just enhance the situations the lead characters face, all set within a great musical score as arranged by Amanda Yamate. (The band that performs the musical score live and off-stage consists of Audrey Rosenberg on keyboards, Roger Hallaway on guitar, and Matthew Jamele on percussion.) Jacob Krech provides the choreography where many of the performers that appear in this program can indeed sing and dance!
In addition to the lead players, the cast consist of as listed in their alphabetical order, Beckie Blosser, Mike Bowers, Adam Chacon, Erin Cote, Julia Finkelstein, Jennie Floyed, Gabriel Mark, Christine Martini, and Nate Werner.
Directed by Madelyne Heyman, WEED SHOP THE MUSICAL, contains a lot of charming bits that reach new highs in weed-based musical theatre! This joint jumps where no ston(ers) are unturned! Even if one never lights up, one will enjoy this show for its biting wit. And it even has a happy ending too! One can’t get any better than that!

  WEED SHOP THE MUSICAL, presented by OMG Brunch! Productions, and performs at The Eclectic Company Theatre, 312 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village (Los Angeles proper), until December 4th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. For further information and for ticket reservations, visit the musical’s official website at
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Continuing its run at the Glendale Centre Theatre is SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE FINAL ADVENTURE, a tale of mystery, suspense, and thrills, set within the notion that might just be the concluding chapter of the career of the world’s most famous detective.
The set opens in London in the waining years of the 19th century at 221B Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes (Tom Killam) sets upon a case that involves blackmail. The ruling king of the nation of Bohemia (Kevin Maphis) comes for the aid of Homes for a case between himself and Irene Adler (Meghan Blakley), a well known star of the opera stage. The King will be married in two weeks time to another woman, yet a photograph exists that link the King and Adler taken when the two were involved in a romantic connection. (Adler herself plans to marry someone else!) Homes, along with his trusty assistant Dr. John Watson (Brian Middleton) are off to get that photograph. There is yet another connection to this situation with Homes’ arch enemy Professor Moriaty (Shawn Cahill), who has schemes of his own. Is this case indeed the final one for the master detective, and will the professor seek the long awaited revenge that sparked his evil conquest?
This play recently adapted by Steven Dietz based upon the c.1899 play penned by Arthur Conan Doyle & William Gillette, holds all of the drama, thrills, suspense, and plot twists expected in an intriguing Sherlock Homes mystery. There is plenty of action as well that blends much of the fore noted thrills that is depicted on the GCT theatre-in-the-round space. All of the characters that are part of the Sherlock Holmes saga are represented here along with a few new ones. Tom Killam is the wise Holmes what in spite of his legionary work solving mysteries, appears on his final stages. Brian Middleton as Dr. Watson is the aide that is just as sharp as ever! Shawn Cahill as Professor Moriaty is the sinister one, always looking to place an end to his rival. Todd Nielsen directs this show as a play that is very heavy on the drama and suspense mode that remains as true to the Holmes legacy. Angela Manke, the GCT’s resident costumer, has the cast in fashions that is well documented to the era. (Holmes’ choice of head ware consists of period top hats, but never donning deerstalker gear!)
Also part of the cast is James Paul Xavier as Sid Prince, Aaron McGhee as James Larabee, Tosca Minotto as Madge Larabee, with Devin Dimitri Dominguez and Javy Pagan appearing as the Baker Street Irregulars.
This production, the final non-seasonal program for the 2016 calendar year is riveting, captivating, and holds plenty of plot turns. It’s a great way not only for this theatre to conclude a well respected season, but adds toward the mood set for late fall. Fans and those that appreciate this selection of classic detective literature will appreciate this stage production where the game is afoot indeed with much of the danger added for close effect.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE FINAL ADVENTURE, presented by and performs at the Glendale Centre Theatre. 324 North Orange Street, Glendale, until November 19th. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM, and Saturday matinees at 3:00 PM.
     Coming up next at the GCT is their 51st annual presentation of Charles Dickens’ evergreen tale A Christmas Carol, opening on November 25th and runs through December 24th.
     For more information of all shows appearing and for ticket reservations, call (818) 244-8481, or visit the GCT’s web site at
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