Yep! It’s that time again! It’s the moment where the first weekend in September means a lot of things to a lot of people. For starters, the Labor Day weekend notes the unofficial end of the summer season, meaning that those oft mentioned lazy hazy crazy days have since ended its run. (Never mind the fact that Summer solstice ends on September 22nd. We are writing about seasonal times rather than what the almanac reads!) For those that are in the schooling loop, those days of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic have already moved forward. Football season is well under way from junior varsity standings through the pro leagues, including the first time that the NFL has graced a local (for Los Angeles anyway) in over twenty years. The TV networks used to start out their new Fall season where they did a big deal ballyhoo on bringing in new shows. However, since the networks, or any other source that provides original content through moving imagery, introduces new programming no matter what the calendar states, that new line of of programs have since lost its punch.
Of course, summertime has its moments be it for the good or otherwise. But for the moment where the beachwear is placed in storage only to be replaced with the heavy clothing set for the winter months to come, it shows that this passage of the moment is one of those instances of time where it’s somewhat expected, but not necessarily welcomed with the open arms one would present when it comes to the said passages of the moment.
And rightly so! When we wrote about this subject around the Labor Day weekend not too long ago, we received a few replies via e-mail that gave a few opinions about Summer’s end..
I’m a native Floridian and have lived in all the far corners of our state as well as a few central towns. We have two seasons here. Summer, which lasts about 11 months and Christmas, when it gets fairly cool sometimes. More and more people seem to be flocking here to live out their days and most of them complain constantly about the humidity and their high electric bills.
Another person stated….
  Summer is officially over for me when I put the cover on the air conditioner.
And here in Minnesota that’s September 1st.
And lastly…
...Summer’s only over when I say it’s over! Never mind the fact that the leaves are turning brown, Halloween is the biggest holiday between Labor day and Thanksgiving, and winter’s too damn cold! Summertime is with me where ever I go, and I go far!…
So there you have it! Summer is fun for what it is, but then again, the other seasons have their moments! Some people love the fall, while other adore the spring. Wintertime is where some folks have their day in the limelight, especially if they are big time skiers! But in short, this summer had its moments! Now that it’s nearly fall, it’s the time to become concerned over other matter such as the upcoming election. That, of course, is a whole other matter, and a whole other article topic!
Theatre Palisades present Neil Simon’s modern stage classic THE ODD COUPLE, a tale of two men who test their nerves as they move in together due to their failed marriages.
Michael Sorich is Oscar Madison, a divorced father of two who resides in his Manhattan apartment living his own life if not paying alimony to his ex. He has his buddies over at his joint for their weekly poker games, consisting of Speed (Stevie Johnson), Murray the cop (Bob Grochau), Roy (Mark Fields Davidson), Vinnie (Stephen Holland), and good ol’ Felix Unger (Scott Gardner). The news hits when it’s discovered by the gang that Felix’s wife leaves him ending twelve years of marriage. In order to show some support to his pal, Oscar tells Felix that he can stay with him for the duration. Although they are bust buds, they are total opposites. Oscar is the slob while Felix is a neatnik. Can these two live with each other in some kind of harmony, or will they challenge their friendship by not killing each other first?
They way this play is presented by Theatre Palisades is done in a very fluid mode. It not only has all the standard Neil Simon one liners the playwright is famous for, but the performers that appear in this production while sporting those classic one-liners do their work as very cartoonish. (That’s a good thing!) Jonathan Fahn’s stage direction has this cast progress in a rapid manner. (That is where all the cartoonish attitudes kick in!) As to the two lead players themselves, Michael Sorich as Oscar is direct, rather loud, and very robust. Scott Fardner’s role as Felix is a cross of being a prim and proper man with hints of being a milquetoast. This blend of ying vs. yang is what makes this presentation work. These forms of character style and attitudes as depicted on this T.P. stage is what makes this play just as funny as seen for its first time or for its umpteenth!
Sherman Wayne, Theatre Palisades’ resident set decorator, once again provides the set design and staging that consists of a rather large apartment that is messy in one act, and neat in the other!
Within the above noted cast, Star Calvet, alternating with Eleen Hsu-Wentlandt, appears as Gwendolyn Pigeon, while Sara Guarnieri, alternating with Samantha Labrecque, portrays Gwen’s sibling Cecily. Both of these actresses perform their parts as charming giddy English school girls!
As stated above, this play can be called one of the best admired American stage comedies created within the last half of the 20th century. It’s also a play that is performing on some stage somewhere across this nation if not found across the globe! It’s not necessarily to travel to some distant spot to relive it again. Just head on over to the oceanside community of Pacific Palisades and enjoy it within the comfort of this unique and charming village by the water.

   THE ODD COUPLE, presented by Theater Palisades, performs at the Pierson Playhouse, 941 Temescal Canyon Road (off Sunset Blvd.), Pacific Palisades, until October 9th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. For more information and for ticket reservations, call (310) 454-1970, or visit online at http://www.TheatrePalisades.com
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