This is the annual time of year where it appears that a lot of folks (in compared to “everybody”) tends to take advantage of their vacation days during the period of the later summer season called the “dog days”. Of course, those days really have nothing to do with Fido–unless you really want to place that member of “man’s best friend” into the mix. However, it’s the time where summer, as blazing as it goes, is slowing hinting to itself that those lazy-hazy-crazy days will be coming to its standard conclusion.
And for a few folks, it already did! Here in Los Angeles proper known as the city limits itself that’s not a stand alone suburban community, the school season begins this week. This means that parents and/or caretakers of school aged kids who will be enrolling their little (or not so little) ones into a LAUSD school, will have those same kids start their new season of the standard reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic antics! That’s good for the parents/caretakers (It will keep those kids out of the parents/caretaker’s hair), but not so much for the kids as they will have their summer freedoms come to their end–assuming that these same kids would rather be outside of a classroom rather than be cooped up in one!
Also for the most part, this time of year is vacation time. Again, assuming that somebody will have a desire to get away for a brief time, this is their moment to see and do stuff they really can’t see and do while being stuck at their home base.
Many folks that are employed (or at least “work”) don’t tend to take advantage of taking a week/weekend/day/hour off for the much needed R’ n R. There have been many studies and findings (use your favorite search engine to look ‘em up) that folks who are employed in some form of entity do not take their opportunity for a vacation time. Of course, the reasons why do vary, but many of the findings note that people who don’t use their vacation time is based on the fact that they don’t want their work piled up while their gone, waiting to be worked upon once they return. And let’s face it. After spending a week/weekend, etc. of camping, beach combing, or visiting various tourist traps, who wants to return back to the slave pit with a whole mess of stuff to do?
Most of us live in this so-called modern age where technology is everywhere. No matter where one roams, there will always be a wifi connection somewhere, along with cell phone reception. With those elements on hand, anyone can grab their phone/laptop/pad along and work to their little heart’s content while visiting a national park courtesy of the US government, a national park courtesy of Universal and/or Disney, or some place where one would visit to normally get away from work! And never mind the fact that one may take a traditional vacation with a traditional family. Chances are, the kids coming along as just as wired as the parents/caretakers if not more! So there goes that notion of getting away from it all! (To set the record straight, a “traditional” family would consist of a female mother figure, a male father figure, and a person or persons under legal age via various ages and genders. So much for political correctness!)
But for those that don’t have to worry about kids and their schooling, vacation time is that moment to see and do stuff one can’t do while stuck at home. It’s been some time since the “staycation” mode made its mark on domestic society since economic times are now better, and gas is a whole lot cheaper that it was as recently as a year ago this time. However, there are a few folks that take their vacation while not making a big trip somewhere. Their version of a vacation is to take what’s been called a “head trip”. This trip has nothing to do with mind alternating substances, but it’s a virtually reality extended moment where folks take advantage of turning their devices totally off to spend a moment or two from the folks they know and the folks they don’t know! One person this writer once knew would get away for a week or two, and not tell anyone where they were going or how long they will be gone! This was rather possible to do as recently as twenty years ago when cell phone usage was not as common and there was no such thing as wireless internet connections, let alone any internet connections! So it was quite possible to disappear for a short time, only to return by the time that same person was discovered missing!
If you the reader is heading off somewhere for that vacation, just came back from one’s vacation, or perhaps is currently on vacation (taking your electronic gadgets for the ride), all we have to state is to just enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to e-mail or text us that postcard stating that you are having a wonderful time and you wish we were there–unless we have to read all about it through your social media outlets!
No reviews this week, but check back with us in the next issue for more of the reviews you seek for. See you then!
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