Around the end of the calendar month, the demand for places to live begins to ramp up. This is the moment where people search for a place to live from where they had been before. This is usually due to the fact that those renting a place desires to move for their own reasons, or hold no chose within their relocation from many other facts, from not wanting to deal with the current landlord, a result of a tiff between roommates, being evicted for not paying rent, or other notions that relate of going to one place or another for the purpose to “hang their hat”!

First, there are the factors in moving. For the most part, people who are renting a home, apartment, room, or some other form of dwelling, have their thirty day window to seek out a new joint. They may start to decide where they are going to live, ether in the same neighborhood to where they are now, or to find another location set in another part of town. Then there is the searching for the place. Once upon a time, folks would have scan the classified section of the local paper to find places to live. Today, thanks to the ‘net and its related applications, one can find ads and notices on any web connected device that offer ads for houses, apartment spaces, rooms existing in homes or apartments, and anywhere else that deems to be a suitable place to live.

Then there is the inspection of the place available. The person or persons that desire for a new place contacts the person, persons, and/or company offering the place on when the prospective person(s) could live, and view the spaces available. Depending on what the renter-to-be wants in their new home, they will go to the address, look inside and outside of the place, ask the questions that are important (“is pets allowed?” “Does the place offer a back yard”? “Can I smoke here?”, etc.) as well as receive the low down regarding rent and related payments. If the person desires the place, then further arrangements are made. If otherwise, then its off for the tenant looking for the home to move on to the next place, and the cycle continues.

The reason why this writer is composing an essay over moving doesn’t mean that yours truly is looking for a new crash pad. It’s just due to the fact that a colleague here at Accessibility Live Off-Line is doing the big search.

This person who we will call “Gloria” was living in a condo unit that was owned by a “boyfriend” of hers. He owned the place, set within a series of buildings built in the 1980’s and located in the middle of the San Fernando Valley area. These units were spaces with two stories , and had all of the amenities that were much desired and offered when the place was first made available some thirty odd years ago.

However, the boyfriend died unexpectedly of natural causes. It appeared that the now deceased boyfriend had an adult aged son who by default, became the executer of his late father’s estate.

The son really wanted the place for his own, and didn’t care so much if Gloria was living there. He would rather have her out than anything else. So after all of the matters became settled with the deceased, the son promoted Gloria to vacate the premises–or else!

If anyone who is a landlord of any living place and has the need to evict a person currently living at a unit, it’s not so easy to do. We won’t get into details on why it’s not too easy (that is what search engines are for), but after the son sent a series written notices to leave at a certain deadline, Gloria had no real choice!. After after staying in the place for some six months, she moved out on her own after signing a contact between her and the son.

Although Gloria isn’t necessarily a staff person at ALOL, she is a “friend of the family” so to speak. One of our associate staff people Mary, is currently taking out the time to assist Gloria in her quest for new dwellings.

As of this writing, Gloria has yet to find new digs. But through the speed of news and information that the ‘net allows, we will keep you posted on Gloria’s developments so you will become the first to know that she isn’t living in a trunk or some other God forsaken place!

That is–if anyone really cares!



     The Glendale Centre Theatre present Joseph Kesselring’s time tested classic ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, a dark comedy about a pair of little old ladies who believe that their purpose in life is to poison possible suitors with their elderberry wine while Teddy Roosevelt digs the Panama Canal in their basement!

Sylvia Alloway and Mannette Antil are the Brewster sisters, a pair of elderly spinsters who run a boarding house in Brooklyn, NY. They appear to be sweet old ladies, but they have a rather macabre habit. When older single men with no family to speak of come to rent a room, the sisters serve their special blend of elderberry wine laced with a cocktail mix of poison. They don’t have much trouble disposing the bodies since their brother Teddy (Jim Barkley), believing that he’s Teddy Roosevelt, is digging the Panama Canal in the basement and thus, is an ideal to place the bodies in the “canal locks” since these were victims of yellow fever-or so Teddy believes. Meanwhile, nephew Mortimer (Jordan Byers) a theater critic for one of the New York dailies, stops in to check up on his aunts. He’s been involved with his gal Elaine Harper (Emily Batterson) who he’s ready to propose to. Adding to this mix of family antics is the return of a long gone bother Jonathan (Brian Middleton). He’s accompanied by Dr. Einstein (James Paul Xavier) a unique yet rather creepy plastic surgeon who did a number to Jonathan’s appearance where he resembles a screen actor best known for horror features. Jonathan also comes from a shady past. What are the Brewster sisters up to, and what is the real meaning of Jonathan’s homecoming? And will Teddy ever complete the Panama Canal in their sub basement?

This classic tale of murder and comedy has been a staple as the GCT for a number of years, and especially with this time of year when mysterious things are really into season, this play gets even better than ever! The entire cast of the lead players, as well as the supporting members, including GTC’s stock performers Don Woodruff and Richard Large, along with Ross Petrarca, Seth Freed, Kyle Kelly, and Tom Allen, intertwine their talents to make this play an extremely fun presentation where its laugh factor in externally on a high ridge, thanks to Zoe Bright’s fast moving stage direction.

Since this is a period piece, Angela Manke’s costuming shows off the styles that are mostly from the 1940’s, while the sisters don the fashions that are from the turn of the 20th century, some forty years long after the fact.

No matter how many times one has seen this play, it only gets better with the passing moments! And with the GCT’s theater-in-the-round setting, there is no such thing as a seat that’s “behind the stage”, since all of the action takes place in a circle, offering a no matter where or what setting. The comedy may be dark, but this show is very bright with fast paced timing as well as many laughs to boot! Raise a glass on high, but watch what your drink! It may be more than the elderberries at work!

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, presented by and performs at the Glendale Centre Theatre. 324 North Orange Street, Glendale, until November 21st. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM, with Saturday matinees at 3:00 PM.

     For the 50th year, the GCT will present  for the holiday season their stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL, opening on November 27th running through December 24th. For more information on both Arsenic and Old Lace and A Christmas Carol, call (818) 244-8481, or visit the GCT’s web site at




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