In the containing saga of what can be called “real life stories” as experienced by this writer, this specific article will revile the all-true tale of a married couple. This particular couple is part of the millions of other traditional married couples that live and work within a post modern domestic urban society. 

     Before we begin, let’s get some of the ground rulings out of the way. First and foremost, the pair is based upon a pair personally know to this writer. A few facts about this same pair has been changed, but just slightly. The couple focused upon will become part of the heart of future articles that deal in domestic life. That is, the life that most, if not all, of you readers tend to live within 

    This targeted couple is a white man and a woman, childless, own a 1400 square foot home with mortgage attached, are “Gen-X” aged (middle-late 40’s), and are American citizens living within the city of Los Angeles. We’ll first give ‘em both an alias: Gloria and Ambrose. Ambrose works in a warehouse delving goods that the company creates within the same facility; A product that is available nation and worldwide. Gloria works in lower education that focuses upon school age kids under the age of fourteen. The two have been at their jobs for ten years and up. Their annual combined income is less that 80k per year, labeling them as “middle class”.

     The couple has been married for less then ten years. Ambrose was previously married and has little connection to his “ex”. Gloria was never married. They own three wheeled vehicles (two cars and an SUV), and a 50’ boat with trailer. They live in a suburban community consisting of track houses built in the 1960’s. Ambrose enjoys outdoor activities (thus the boat) while Gloria enjoys reading and occasional writing. (Her version of the “great American novel” has ben written and rewritten on and off for over ten years!) The pair drink socially, don’t smoke, and are of excellent health for people of their age and status. Ambrose is into electronic devices. They both own smart phones, lap and desktop computers (Macs), an iPad, three iPods (again, Macs), and recently purchased a 50” “smart” TV. They receive their video programming via a satellite carrier, and plan to subscriber to a number of streaming video services. (The reason for the “smart” TV set!) 

      They both take advantage of getting their entertainment outside of the home by dining out visiting hole-in-the-wall eateries, franchised based casual dinging places, and places that strike their fancy. The go to the movies an average of two to three times per month. They also attend live theater shows and concerts occasionally as well. (Again, two to three times per month.) 

      Ambrose is into buying much of his goods via online. Gloria shops in physical retail stores. Each one take turns getting the household in order, with Ambrose paying the bills, and Gloria performs much of the domestic chores (light cleaning, etc.) For larger or heaver maintenance, an outside hired party performs these tasks. (Gardeners, domestic maids, etc.) Both have the ability to perform those same functions themselves, but chose not to. 

     Their finances are handled through an outside financial advisor. They have a 401k plan established through their places of employment. Both are members of their own respectfully unions. Ambrose has a life insurance plan with Gloria as the benefactor. Although they are childless, Gloria’s elderly mother lives within the household. (Father deceased). Gloria is an only child, while Ambrose has three siblings; one lives in the area, while two live out of state. Ambrose’s parents are both deceased.

     Now that you the reader received a little insight to this couple of the hour, this writer will occasionally write a bit more about this two through the next few issues when deemed appropriate. The facts presented above will give you the reader a bit of a background so we don’t necessarily have to recap their back stories each time, unless their have been any updates that is worth reporting upon. So keep this issue handy so you’ll know just who and what they hey are are writing about! Stay tuned to this very news service for more details of this lucky couple! See you then!



     Beverly Hill’s Theatre 40 opens their 2014-15 season of stage plays with THE GAMESTER, a classic comedy about a man’s decision to either keep the love of a woman he desires, or to hold on to a passion he possess where money is at stake with the skill to win or lose it all!

     Set in France in the dawning years of the 19th century, Valere (Rafael Casino) is the gent about town. The son of a wealthy man of means, he has everything he wants; a woman that he desires named Angelique (McKenzie Eckels), as well as his art of gambling, playing in a casino complete with whatever gaming is to be wagered upon. However, lady luck isn’t always at his side as he is racking up more debts than winnings. But the thrill of a spin of the the roulette wheel, the throw of the dice, or another round of cards are too good to pass, even when his francs goes to the casino house. But Angelique hands him a hard choice. Either he gives up his gambling, or he gives her up! But there is much more to Valere with the people that surround him, from Amgelique’s elder sister Mme. Argante (Maria Spassoff) who holds a passion for him, Dorante (Antony Ferguson), and older man of means that has a desire for Angelique, widow Mme. Securite (Elain Reinhart) who seeks younger suitors for private purposes, and others that place their mark for the call of vive la différence!

     This comical farce is inspired by the 17th century era play Le Joueur by Jean Francois Reguard and written as a 20th century-era adaptation by Freyda Thomas. The tale itself is spoken in rhyming couplets, meaning that characters speak where words are given their prose that add charm to the setting; The rhyming itself isn’t as heavy as one would image, as it’s not really poetry per se. Then again,  many plays composed in France during this period were also told in rhyme! There are plenty of conflicts exposed between fate with heavy doses of sex added but described in a playful attitude. (After all, it’s French!) The cast of players are just as comical as the theme itself, full of farcical sprit that is depicted in more of a tamer stance than to a British caricature. (Not much running in and out of doors, there’s a hint of a mistaken identity, and although sex plays a huge role in this piece, there isn’t much undressing depicted!) Jules Aaron directs this show that is diverting, full of wit, and is charming to say the least. 

     As with traditional French comedies, it boasts a huge repertoire of players that also includes (listed in their alphabetical order in addition to those listed above), Susan Dumante, Scott Facher, Ilona Kulinska, James Schendel, David Hunt Stafford, and Marco Svistalski. 

      As to the visuals on stage, Jeff G. Rack provides the set decoration, and Michele Young provides the costume design, showing off the frilly ruffles and powered wigs that became the rage of the nation where the Paris fashioners went agog!

     For those that enjoy a classic comedy that is more attractive in terms of visages and esprit, then THE GAMESTER is where to place one’s bet! Seven come eleven shows that the Comedie francaise is alive and well! It’s just that too much snuff up the nostril will make one sneeze. But as the French would say, c’est la vie!! 

     THE GAMESTER, presented by Theater 40, and performs in the Reuben Corova Theater located on the campus of Beverly Hills High School, 241 South Moreno Drive (off Santa Monica Blvd.) Beverly Hills, until August 24th. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. 

     For ticket reservations or for more information, call (310) 364-0535, or via online at


     Performing at the Santa Monica Playhouse for a very limited run is ARE WE THERE YET?, featuring Richard Stockton as he tells his story through voice and in song about his presence through his times as a life long entertainer both on stage and off!

     Richard was born in Bakersfield, California at the early years of the “Baby Boomer” period in America when the men who served in World War II were coming home from one form of active duty (fighting off the enemy in foreign lands) to another form of active duty. (Creating families while living in starter home dwellings!) As a kid born in ‘49 in a semi rural central California community, Richard informs his crowd that he experienced the expected notion of what made the 1950’s great! As he got older in the 1960’s, he began to see changes; most notably, the challenging of authority–not necessarily rebelling per se, but asking a lot of questions for himself. As time progressed, so did he. He was a college kid attending UC Berkley one of the flash point locations of student uprisings, later traveled around the country eventually settling in a log cabin he built in North Carolina near the Great Smokey mountains, morphing in working in a family run business in Sacramento, and even performing in real show biz type stuff! (He appeared as the only white guy on a comedy improv TV series airing on Black Entertainment Television!) In spite of his personal ups and downs, Richard informs his brood that he is still moving and hasn’t arrived to his life destination–yet!

     This solo show is one part musical (he plays the guitar as well as banjo) and two parts spoken performance. If features some original tunes that emphasis his points throughout the show, and even illustrates some of those same points through limited visuals projected foreground, mostly consisting of still pictures of him with a selection of some historical moving and still snapshots that depict the decade i.e.1960’s, etc.) But it’s Richard and his amazing yet true sagas devoted as the heart of his performance while proving that he isn’t his father’s “age 65” that would normally focus upon embracing grandkids and asking for a senior discount!

     Mark W. Travis directs this piece that contains plenty of humor with touches of a rebellion sprit. There is nothing exposed in RIchard’s delivery that can be labeled as overly cute and cuddly. But he does reflect living in an age where he, along with millions of others within his domestic domain, did attempt to make a stand for the better and to show off the right thing to do, even when his elders spoke up differently or otherwise!

     The title to his show ARE WE THERE YET? depicts a virtual journey that is still in progress. The show itself is also a “work in progress”, meaning that when it’s performed again either at the SM Playhouse or somewhere else, it’s going to be slightly(?) different! As to keeping with one of the themes of this performance that vocalized upon the questioning of authority, this writer will suggest that Richard add more songs that speak for his personal times within his repertoire and keeps a few of his narratives tighter! This writer isn’t attempting to fight a cause (this is just a stage show review, not a manifest), but will add that yours truly has fond(?) memories with a selection of the episodes discussed! Then again, the “Baby Boomers” today control a lot of the money, power, and fame this nation holds, so this show may become a lesson to the members of the other lifestyle eras that followed. (“Gen X” and “Millenniums” in particular.) Nevertheless, this show is by a boomer man that recalls fearing the bomb, seeing great leaders fall to a bullet, and recalling a time where the American Dream was accessible to all and for all! And Richard is just getting started! 

     ARE WE THERE YET? created and performed by Richard Stockton, performs as a benefit show for the SM Playhouse for a single show on Saturday, August 2nd at 8:00 PM at the Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 4th Street, one quarter block south of Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. For tickets reservations and for more information, call (310) 394-9779 x 1, or online at http://www/

     Visit the official stage show site at



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Ok out of here…going to see a movie this afternoon with a friend. Looking forward to it. I never go anywhere here but work. She called and ask me if I would like to go, So a nice outing. Plan to splurge and get popcorn and a drink MAYBE a box of candy…ohhhh !! Dinne


Tomorrow I will be in a house with no internet for a week, and no I have no smart phone. Thank heavens for library and cafes. BONUS! I will get so much writing done! Will you miss me?


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