Leave it to the folks at Netflix to conduct this study on people’s binge watching habits. Although binge watching, mildly described as viewing a series of television programs in one sitting (that is, watching one episode after another), may conger up a scene where one is sitting on a chair, couch, or lying on a bed, perhaps stuffing their face with not so healthy food choices while gaining little to no exercise in the process, this study makes an effort to debunk those myths that such marathon TV viewing may be anything but healthy!
According to this report, it notes that more than 50% of respondents to a survey based upon 1000 domestic internet users stated that they were willing to exercise while binge watching instead of sitting or lying down. In the same poll, some 45% of respondents agreed they would be more motivated to exercise if they had access to their favorite TV shows on-demand (with no commercial ads) while working out. Sitcoms come out on top as the favorite type of program to watch while moving about. 36% chose horror, 27% picked serialized dramas, 24% Sci-Fi/fantasy, and 20% stated reality shows was their show to view.
The report also noted that Harley Pasternak, a New York Times best selling author and a celebrity fitness expert, is working with Netflix (as an endorsement) to remind viewers on how incorporating entertainment into one’s workout can not only get one into a healthier state, but to maintain a chestnut New Year’s resolution of becoming healthier and to start (and keep) a fitness type program though the years.
For those that wish to read this report, one can do so at the link below:
This is the kind of report released by a major company that one can take for what it’s worth. Netflix, as one may already know, is a company that started out by offing a subscription service to obtain DVDs of movies, TV shows, and other video specialty titles for loan on a month to month basis, meaning that for less than $10.00 per month, one can rent out a DVD title as often as one can, providing that one can order and receive a disk within that thirty day calendar period. As the company grew, they stated to offer the same service, but this time, the titles would be available through a streaming service, where one can view the same titles delivered on demand by way of a high speed internet connection, eliminating the chore of sending and mailing back physical DVDs through the postal service. This would make more sense to its subscriber demographic, since they are the ones to have higher speed internet access, as well as own an electric device that can accept video content (flat screen TV, computer device, smart phone, electronic pad, etc.) in order to view whatever the subscriber felt like. And since content is delivered on demand, one can gain access to more titles in a given period for about the same monthly price one used to get disks by mail. And this method of getting unlimited viewing choices will become a bigger incentive for those to watch more video content while not moving around; Thus, creating an unhealthy scenario of sitting and/or lying down watching endless video while never getting up performing some sort of physical activity.
Exercising while watching TV is far from a new and unique method of having one’s cake and eating it to–so to speak! For years, people did make some token attempt to do some in-place exercising in front of the tube. Jack LaLanne’s daytime TV program encouraged viewers (mostly housewives) to do many of the exercises along with him. Richard Simmons did the same thing a generation later. When Jane Fonda’s workout video (along with a record album) became a multi million seller in the early 1980’s, this revived the TV and exercise campaign, where it seems that is was quite possible to stay fit within doing so in front of the TV set. However, unlike Jane’s program, as well as the many other knockoff titles that came and went in the 1980’s and 90’s, the shows themselves were only for instruction, not as stand alone entertainment. People wanted to work out by peddling on a stationary bike, running on a treadmill, or doing something that doesn’t cause the person to move from one location to another, such as jogging or related activity, while being amused through their video devices. So they moved from static instructional piece to their favorite TV show or their feature film of choice.
Today, thanks to portable media, one can actually do some workout while getting from one place to another while still keeping up with their video related title. Although it is somewhat hard to keep focused on a small video screen while jogging down a pathway, people still tend do to this with one eye on the screen and the other eye on the path they are heading on. (It isn’t recommended, but people still do this regardless!)
So if one is at home, work, or at some big deal gym getting all of the physical exercise they need and/or want, they can “pig out” on the entire run of Breaking Bad while they break their own bad habits of not moving around to stay as healthy as possible. At least Netflix doesn’t want you to feel guilty on getting a subscription to their service and not doing anything for one’s self! Then again, if one is now forced to pay for some medical insurance that they didn’t necessarily want to pay for, maybe that same person should take advantage of keeping healthy far from using an electronic device. But that’s another issue as that stands!
Currently performing at Hollywood’s Elephant Space Theatre is the West Coast premier of Samuel Brett Williams’ DERBY DAY, a tale of sibling rivalry set within a special day at the race track.
The setting is the Oaklawn Race Track in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s the final day of the race season as this day is known as “Derby Day” where the best horses makes its run for rewarding odds. Nestled within the comfortable setting of a luxury skybox are the Ballard brothers, consisting of eldest Frank (Robert M. Foster), middle brother Ned (Malcolm Madera) and youngest Johnny (Jake Silbermann). This trio of siblings have been away from one another for a number of years, but are gathered due to the recent death of their father, affectionally known as “big bastard”! Frank came in from Chicago, Ned just got married (again), and Johnny has returned after cooling his heels from a stay at the big house a.k.a. prison. A lot has been going on within the family where Frank and company have a few score to settle–if not playing the ponies first. The scores that are to be settled are not clean cut; Rather, their time in the skybox become just as messy as the skeletons that come out of their personal closets. One person that becomes mixed up within these antics is Becky (Kimberly Alexander). She’s a waitress assigned to their skybox where she serves drinks and food (drinks mostly) to these not-so-good-ol’-boys. Before the payouts are given, the Ballards will do anything but wallow in quality family bonding. It’s more than just a day at the races where winners take all–if anything close to that!
This production teeters from southern fried (so to speak) comedy to hard hitting drama–literary! Not only one can find some genuine laughs in this stage work, but one will also find plenty of action where these bothers in arms take up their arms and fists where they fight and bicker, awashed with plenty of overpriced beers and shots. The cast of four players appearing in this one act play bond together quite well in terms of character. Robert M. Foster as Frank in the leader of the bunch that is just as edgy as his fellow bros. Malcolm Madera as Ned is the man in the middle that takes on his younger and older sibling to what they are worth! Jack Silbermann as Johnny, the youngest of the trio, is trying to get his life together now that he has just paid his debt to society. And Kimberly Alexander as Becky is the victim of circumstance. As the skybox waitress at Oaklawn, she sees how much this family is out of control as she does work hard for her money (and tips), while raising a young child sans spouse. Playwright Samuel Brett Williams not only creates a story line that is far better than a soap opera, but is one that offers down and dirty contending, thanks to the talents of fight director Edgar Landa, added to Williams’ own stage directing. Joel Daavid’s set design of the skybox is decked out in post modern staging, complete with horse pictures on its walls, oversized club chairs, and other fixtures that is the ideal place to not only watch a few races in privacy and comfort, but to give these boys a way to trash the place thanks to their booze infested embroilment.
Also featured within the cast are the vocal flares of Frank Simms as track announcer Terry Wallace, giving the call for each race that the Ballard clan bet to win, place, and show.
For those that enjoy a play that features dysfunctional families at the race track, DERBY DAY is a sure bet! No matter what it might read in the Green Sheet, these ponies will perform in spite of the odds! After all, it’s just another moment at the track.

DERBY DAY, presented by the Camisade Theate Company and the Elephant Theatre Company, perform at the Elephant Space theater, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Lillian, one block west of Vine Street), Hollywood, until March 22nd. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM. For ticket reservations or for more information, call (323) 960-7770, or via online at
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So glad that I’ve packed about eight boxes in the process of decluttering so we can place our house on the market. Starting early so that little by little I can get this packing done while carrying on with typical crazy life

I know many of you tell me I look like an elf from Lord of The Rings. But I got a unique compliment today. A sweet little old Asian lady, speaking with the loveliest accent told me I look like a beautiful mermaid. She even asked if I can swim.

So when Seth posted the video of sweeping girls off their feet it reminded me of how I used to be kind-a jealous of petite teenagers that the guys at school dared pick up. Back then I was plenty thin, but I was still almost 5 ft. 9 inches. Needless to say the guys didn’t test their muscles on me by whisking me in the air. I was talking about this fact to my teenagers. Must have made Sam think about it because when it was time for dinner tonight he picked me up and carried me to the kitchen! I can now say I was swept off my feet by a handsome teenage boy. My highschool years are now complete. lol

Sending out yet another cover letter and resume. Praying that something good happens soon.

New washer and dryer finally arrived this afternoon. Have washed 2 loads and it is amazing.
As of February 24h, Tiffi has 2,016 Facebook “friends” and counting!
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