Since this week is when All Hallow’s Eve takes its mark (October 31st in case you’ve forgotten), this edition is taking the time to compose an article about one of human nature’s emotions: the emotion of fear.
     If one visits their favorite search engine and type in the word “fear”, one will receive too much intelligence on this subject, enough to actually scare someone! (Isn’t that reaction the kind of what fear is really all about?)
     Of course, there is a lot of breeds of fear and the reasons why it exists in the first place. Since this newsletter isn’t into psychology and its various connections, we won’t get into the theories on the grounds behind this element. However, it all depends on the person expressing this emotion, and the intellect behind it all.
     It’s no surprise to understand that fear is a primary state of being that people experience through their standard domestic lives. In current society, folks of all kinds hold to their personal aspects of living through each day. Fear and phobias (another article subject in its own right) play with one another. If one adds stress to the factor, one has a deadly blend of what some masses would call this form of emoting  a “meltdown”, a “train wreck” or a simple “breakdown”.
     But let’s get back to the basic condition of fear. Fear, according to any textbook explanation of this emotion including the ever lovin’ Wikipedia, calls this as an emotion “.. induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to quickly pull far away from it and usually hide..”. (Look it up for yourself to get the complete lowdown!)  
     As noted, there are many kinds of fears and anxieties. Some are for real while others are imagined. One type of common fear is the fear of the unknown, the state of circumstance where one doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the next phase. If could be due to one’s actions or through destiny. It could be of a major crisis or just through trivial means. There’s also the personal fears such as fear of individual rejection. In today’s post modern high connected wired society, there is more sense of communication between people. Many of those that were wired (so to speak) since birth holds factors toward this sentiment. Much of those of a selected age (those born in the 1980’s and beyond) that apparently insist that they must be in the know about everything at all times seem to constantly keep abreast of who’s doing what, where, and how, just to keep their fear of missing out (or “FOMO” in cyberspeak) at bay. If somebody they know or know of is throwing a party, they must apprehend if they are invited to attend–or at least know where and when the party is! If they aren’t aware of such and the event dose take place, that FOMO is extended. Of course, they can let others know about their FOMO through the many annals of social media out there.
     And thanks to the current economic status that is plaguing the nation–if not the world, there is the fear of being placed in a capacity that is different then their current affairs cater to, mostly in a lower downgrade type of being from not keeping a job, not finding a job, not having enough funds to get by, not having a place to live, etc. These kinds of fears are again based upon one’s lack of control of their environment; again, another fear in to itself. Although these kinds of worries are real, they can be controlled where one can ride it out only if the person in fear will allow such! (As previously stated, there are many places where one can find the solutions to these concerns–just look ‘em up!)
     And there are the fears that some people posses while other don’t think much about them, such as the fear of creepy bugs, the fear of heights, the fear of public speaking, the fear of germs, and so on. These kind of fears can last through a person’s lifetime, while a few can be shaken off through time, tide, and just by getting over it!
     Before this writer really scares the hey out of anyone about this subject, we’ll just finish off with a bit of advice yours truly received from the father on a long forgotten “girlfriend” this party once associated with. This father type once said “Ninety nine percent of fears don’t exist, and the remaining one percent are aren’t as bad as imagined”. (This may not be an exact quote, but you get the idea!) It’s the only advice this writer ever received that still remains within to this very day–but not the only advice told by dear ol’ dad. The other piece of advice was “If you don’t bring my daughter back home by midnight, I’ll tan your hide!” That note of information was yet another fear in itself. So much for the ninety nine percent!
     The Falcon Theatre of Tolucia Lake presents its second show of the 2013-14 season with Charles Ludlam’s THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP: A PENNY DREADFUL, a comical tour-de-force mystery of a visit to an English estate complete with vampires, mummies, werewolves, and other amusing folks!
      The tale begins on a dark ‘n stormy night, where Lady Enid and her spouse Lord Edgar arrive at Mandacrest Estate, a British plantation. Lord E. was once married to Irma Vep, whose portrait hangs above the fireplace mantel. Her spirit still lingers about as her once husband still grieves for her. Before long, macabre events take hold. Lady E. is stormed by a vampire. Lord E. hunts down a werewolf. A trip to Egypt brings a revival of an ancient mummy who was once a princess. Creepy housekeepers of the lavish homestead run amuck. Before long, all hell breaks loose where Lord and Lady E, as well as a hoard of rouge characters do their part in order bring charm to the ranch while borrowing (stealing?) plot points from the literally world from Shakespeare to Poe, as well as feature films as Withering Heights, The Mummy’s Curse and Rebecca–just to name a few!
     This wild and frantic comedy stars Matthew Floyd Miller and Jamie Torcellini performing as two thespians playing eight different roles! They do not just take upon one character, exit the stage, only to come back a few moments later as another. These two change parts, genders, and consumes–sometimes within thirty seconds or less! The pacing is fast and furious, the gags run faster and furiouser, and the entire presentation is a rip roaring spoof to any literally work that requires the for noted vampires (the traditional kind rather than the “young adult” variety), werewolves (a la Lon Chaney Senior and Junior), mummies (from ancient Egypt rather than from the politically temperamental nation of today’s times), and other factors too numerous to note in this review! Beside the traipsing, there is the humor to it all that is dictated in more of an intellectual nature rather than tired sitcom style. Those elements rendered is what makes this showcase just what it is; A comical tour de force that never slows down! Matthew Floyd Miller and Jamie Torcellini as the two on stage play out their roles while spinning their personal homage to other comics as John Cleese (post Monty Python), Jackie Cooper (from TV’s The Aadams Family), Benny Hill (the lovable one), with a hint of Red Skeleton added for flavor! Jenny Sullivan directs this show that doesn’t produce a scare or fright, but bestows a hardy laugh with lots of ‘em!
     Beside the actions taking place on stage, Thomas S. Giamario provides the scenic design of the Mandacrest Estate decked out in a deep red color scheme dressed in gothic-esk furnishing with real armor, guns, and stuffed animal heads affixed on the walls! (Those latter pieces are provided on loan by Philip Miller, a man who isn’t necessarily involved in the theater biz, but just collects this kind of particulars for his own diversion!)
     Even though the subtitle to this production calls itself a “Penny Dreadful”, there is nothing dreadful about this show! How often can one witness a play featuring a duo of players expanding themselves into eight functions-sometime within seconds? For those that lust for this kind of theater, look no further! A “dark and stormy night” may not be a great way to start a novel, but this plot point is an immense method to kick off a riotous stage farce. Vampires and werewolves be damned!

    THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP: A PENNY DREADFUL, presented by  and performs at The Falcon Theatre, 4252 Riverside Drive, Burbank (Tolucia Lake adjacent), until November 17th. Showtimes are Wednesday through Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 4:00 PM. For tickets or for further information, call (818) 955-8101, or via
     Performing at North Hollywood’s T.U. Studios is the cabaret series presented by the Gloria Gifford Conservatory entitled LIQUID LOVE, a showcase consisting of a rotating review of vocalists performing “lounge” style of the songs about love, both vintage and novel.
     One of the rotating stars performing features the talents of Chad Doreck. As both a forte in music as well as an acting trouper, he was recently featured as a finalist in the NBC reality TV series Grease: You’re The One That I Want, as well as in the stage production of Fool For Love that was showcased at the T.U. Studios last spring. (See review: Vol. 18. No. 20). In this presentation, he sings a number of well paced arrangements as well as a selection of slower ballads that speak about musicdom’s well versed topics: love and the connections behind this emotion. Backed by a three piece combo under the musical direction of Stuart Elster, he brings out his voice with tones that is as smooth and mellow with the same characteristic and grace as awaited.
     Joining up with Chad for a number of tunes is the just as talented Lucy Walsh-daughter of legionary musician Joe Walsh, performing in duets with a selection of smooth ballads, making her vocals ring on.
     Chad’s show is very reminiscent to a classic lounge act. In fact, the stage setting he performs upon is dressed up as a lounge that one may find in an older hotel or even inside a Vegas casino from back in the day. (Jeffrey Casciano provides the set design.) Although much of what is heard and perhaps seen on stage may hark to another era, this show is just as new as the day it’s performed.
     Good music never goes out of fashion, and this series appearing at the T.U. is on the edge of now as it is to then. This is an ideal method to appreciate some live musical talent as witnessed on an intimate stage setting. If one desires to hold a “date night”, this would be the place to be–even if one isn’t on a “date”!
     LIQUID LOVE features the performance of Gloria Gifford on November 9th, with Chad Doreck performing on November 2nd, both appearing at the T.U. Studios, 10943 Camarillo Street (at Lankershim) North Hollywood. Each performance begins at 8:00 PM.
     For reservations, call (310) 366-5505, or via online at
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BAD NEWS: I wont be able to come to Missouri. Dont say anything because you dont know how bad it feels to not even be able to go to my sisters wedding.
GOOD NEWS: I got the job!

So excited for my girl! She was just offered her dream job!

What is it about hotel pillows? First there’s a hundred of them on the bed. Second, after trying out all one hundred, you still can’t find one that’s comfortable.

There’s a fox sleeping in a sun beam in my back yard.
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