This week makes the unofficial end of the long (and somewhat mild) summer season, where for some three months since the Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start of the solstice), folks were ready, willing, and able to bask into the spotlight to perform the usual antics associated with the warmest part of the year.
     Of course, all good things do come to an end, so by the time your eyes hit this page (or screen to be precise) that ever lovin’ endless summer didn’t turn out so endless after all! Now that the kids are already in school (or will be, including the number of adults hitting the classrooms), and the autumn fashions are making its toll, the “new” fall season is strutting in style, and on schedule to boot!
      For many folks, this time of year presents a mixed bag. It says its annual farewell to those hazy, lazy, crazy days,while at the same time, mom nature coasts the landscape with those fall colors that doesn’t seem to go out of style.
     For you sports fans out there (and you know who you are) it’s time for football, where in leagues from junior high all the way up to the majors, gridiron action will be bashing away! A few will play (physically), many will watch either on the sidelines or on their video device, and the rest might take everything for what it is! Fantasy football has grown from something done in places of employment where office pools were banished, to a league of its own. There are the tailgaters where folks hold lavish picnics in parking lots across the nation–again, from elementary school fields to pro stadiums, using the tailgates of their cars, vans, and other forms to transportation as their kitchen, creating the best foods around! Many folks not giving two hoots in hell about the teams playing or football itself, take part of the festivities just for the food and fun. One might state it’s another excuse to have a party! And why not?
     And there is the only holiday that matters for many people; Halloween. Usually around the Labor Day weekend, “popup” stores; places of retail business that once housed shops now closed, will offer anything and everything that has to do with the October 31st antics. The idea of having these Halloween Stores open this far out in schedule is to encourage those that wish to take part in Halloween (mostly done by adults) to shop early and grab the best selection–just like Christmas/Holiday shopping. However, unlike Xmas, et. al. where time is the essence, people that shop for Halloween tend to do so at the last moment. Many times, folks shop for costumes and other stuff on the day of. That way, there costume is “fresh”, ready for usage on that day (or night!) Why bother getting your October 31st digs two months ahead when you can grab ‘em just hours before the fact?
     In spite of this summer turns to autumn line of passage, it shows that seasons do matter, and when one ends while another commences, it brings an emotional state of mind. But for those that find this to be a strong element while other don’t seem to mind let alone care, it’s a way to tell what time it is (or isn’t!) But just like the weather, one can’t do much about it all except to complain. Then again, it could be better than, let’s say, how one sees that half glass of water! It’s either halfway full or empty. But that’s summertime and autumn for you! (PS…winter is coming soon, but that’s for another article as that stands!)
   Editor’s Note: This writer is taking a mini “vacation” this week, so there will be no reviews appearing in this edition. However, the new fall season is arriving, so within the next selection of issues, there will be plenty of news and reviews from the sides of stage theater, feature films, television, and other forms of media that’s worth a mention or two! Stay tuned to this space for those reviews. See you then!
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Much thanks to whomever it was that gave me this cold. Now I may be too sick to go and see my dad tomorrow. Just great.

OK. New game plan. We’re going to try to live without a refrigerator. Well, we have a chest freezer so cold things aren’t impossible. But, well, this could be an interesting challenge, you know? People lived without refrigerators years ago. We can do this. The kids even think this sounds kind of fun…

It looks like my vacuum is getting ready to bite the dust . . .Anyone have a good recommendation? I’ve only owned two in the past 33 years and want to get another one that will last for a while too.

I just had a realization.. when I back this year.. who is gonna eat all this food? crud!! all my foodies are back home.. crap!

Sometimes when you’re doing yard work, ants crawl up your arm and in your shirt. And then you look crazy trying to get them out.
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