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Week of August  26th, 2013                                                                                     Vol. 18-No.34  ———————————————————————————————————————————-
by Rich Borowy-Editorial Manager
     Not too long back, we discovered a blurb that was posted by one of Tiffi’s 1700+ Facebook “friends” that we found to be rather amusing for what it was. It read…

I would go through serious withdrawal if I had to leave my ipad home when I travel!!!

     Linda, as well as the many others out there found on Facebook as well as additional places across the real and virtual landscape, appears to be overly attached to their electronic devices; those little (and littler) gadgets that one carries around with them wherever they go that’s suppose to assist those in their so-called normal life, perhaps making their lives a little easier. These items usually consist of (but are not limited to), a smart phone, a laptop, an electronic pad device, or some other whatchamacalliit that’s used for communication and related tasks.
      Well, it appears that these woozits has not only gone well above and beyond their calls of duty, but it hasn’t made the user’s lives as easy as it was supposed to be. In fact, it made the lives of the users much harder! And sadly, those same overworked folks are overly dependent upon them, making these handy dandy gadgets as another part of their body, taking them all with ‘em no matter where they go.
      No matter where one may go within a public place, within seconds, one can find a person holding on to one of the above gadgets using them as if their lives dependent upon it. Smartphones, those portable telephones that can do anything and everything (almost anything anyway) has taken over how, where, and when folks can function. It assists the user to know how, where, and when to shop, tell then how to get to a place of destination, let them know about the weather, as well as sending and receiving messages (by voice or through text) at all hours of the day—twenty four hours a day, seven days a week a.k.a. “24/7”!
     Then there’s the pad, better known as the trademark “iPad”, the Apple, Inc. invention that uses the touch screen made famous on their iPhone (the smartphone also invented by Apple) and added the capacity of a laptop, merging the two into one. Again, it can do nearly anything a smartphone can do (without the sending and receiving phone calls), and then some!!
     Coming up next is the traditional laptop, a mini computer that can perform any function a desktop computer could muster up. Although pads may be replacing laptops in folk’s daily functions, they are still rather hardy devices, ready, willing, and able to service the user. Although when one ponders through domestic life seeing a user of a laptop do whatever, many of these same devices are made by Apple, but other firms that use a Windows operating system platform are used as well.
     And this writer can go on to state that every one of these mini mechanical units can (and are) connected to the internet using a wireless application where they are attached to the zillions of others that are connected through phones, pads, and laptops 24/7!
     We won’t go on to note the profiles of a standard attached user as those notations are for another article. However, we can note upon one’s dependancy of these gadgets, the same units that is designed for easier living. Because Linda goes through her serious withdrawal if her little ol’ iPad is out of reach, one can safely assume that her piece of electronic wonder doesn’t appear to make her daily function go any more smoother! We can’t say what she uses her gadget for, but we can surly guess that she doesn’t use it just to add and subtract numbers with it.
     Of course, there is nothing wrong with using a portable hoozit, especially if one is using it for the job they work for and with. Making those phone calls is pretty much the norm, as well as writing letters, creating spreadsheets, making graphics for a business type meeting, as well as letting those know about what’s going down. But just as long as one can know where and when to start and stop, then everything is under control. But if one can’t find the start and stop modes, then that’s another tale as that stands.
     We are ever so sorry for Linda’s little fiasco. But then again, Linda put herself up to this little addiction she’s going through. If she can’t live without her iPad, then that’s tough beans! Then again, the iPad itself has only been around for a little over three years. What did she do before she copped this device? Did she rely upon her laptop? Her phone? Did she once use a pad of paper and a pen or maybe a pencil for note taking? These and other questions won’t be answered here since we don’t quite know the question(s) are yet! Then again, dose it really matter? Maybe there’s a app for that–or not!
     Theatre West of Los Angeles kicks off their 2013-14 season with William Blinn’s A SHORT STAY AT CARRANOR, a melodrama about a seasoned couple reunited as an older flame while another flame still smolders within the distance.
     Lee Meriweather is Irene, a 70 something widow who lived a fulfilled life once married to a man that was not her first choice. Many years before in the 1940’s, she fell in love with a young man in the service named Chet (Don Moss). They would have been a married couple, but their families disapproved of their togetherness. Being what was acceptable back then, they parted to live their own lives, including marring someone else. When Irene’s spouse passed on, Chet reunited with her, picking up where they had left off many years before. The only trouble is, although Irene is single, Chet isn’t! In spite of their place in life, Chet is there for Irene as before, although he keeps watch with the woman he’s still married to. Now the two are at Irene’s lakefront cottage located within the back woods. Meanwhile, Irene’s daughter Shelby (Corinne Shor) isn’t too pleased with this senior fling. She would insist that her mother still be true to her deceased husband, while Chet has a plan to finally leave his wife of many years to spend the rest of his life with the woman he really loves, assuming that he can survive living with the physical conditions he has.
     This is a play that holds a lot of mixed emotions to it. It’s very sweet, grasps a lot of charm, while keeping a rather heaping dose of somberness to it all. The themes possesses a lot of simple twists and turns throughout, not unlike a mystery of some other spine tingling thriller where such a plot twist become jarring. The twists depicted here are righter slight, bringing up the notion where anything could occur. As to the cast of players, Lee Merriweather as the lead portrays a woman that is rather refined yet is aware to what she desires in her life, even if that life is within its sunset years. Don Moss as Chet is a man what isn’t as “pure” as Irene could be (he leans toward the political right) but is determined to live out his waning days with his real true love. And Corinne Shoe as Shelby is a overprotective daughter looking over the good intentions of her mom, even if her mom is part of a love triangle that’s broken as it stands! John Gallogy directs a fine cast that places the appeal toward this work, making each elements fall into its own place.
     Also appearing is Greg Lewis as Mr. Dibble, a local resident who loves to fish, George Toval as Alan, Shelby’s spouse, Nick McDown as Kyle, and Mary Burkin as Diane, Chet’s spouse.
     Special kudos to the set design by Jeff G. Rack of a cozy and rustic cabin interior that’s perfect for a little getaway of fishing, and perhaps a semi extra marital affair!
     Although the title suggests a short stay, leave it to none that this “stay” proves that it’s never too late in life to have a special someone in one’s domain, just as long as everyone involved approves. This play is approved in all factors, even if there is one Mrs. too many!

     A SHORT STAY AT CARRANOR, presented by and performs at Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles (Universal City adjacent), until September 29th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. For reservations and information, call (323) 851-7977, or on line at http://www.TheatreWest. org
     The Glendale Centre Theatre in Glendale presents the musical HAIRSPRAY, the rockin’ romp that brings the many joys of a teenager living in the early 1960’s from big hair to dancing on the coolest TV show in Baltimore!
     Kimmy Zolozabal is Tracy Turnblas, a spunky yet chubby fifteen year old that holds one deep desire to dance on the every popular Corny Collins TV show, where every weekday at 4:00 PM, smart and rather good looking kids dance The Madison. Her over protected mother Enda (Sam Zeller) that works as a home based laundry lady washing other people’s clothing, doesn’t see much to her only child’s desires, even though her happy go lucky dad Wilber (Scott Strauss) who runs a practical joke store called The Hardy-Har Hut, sees the best of what she wants. Tracy does get her wish to dance on Corny’s show, but discovers one thing that winds things into a bit of a tizzy. One day a month, the show hosts a “Negro Day” where the program features kids that are “colored” to dance to their own kind of music; rhythm and blues! Tracy feels that this Negro music, style of dance, and the kids themselves are too cool. So why not feature them on every show mixed in with the rest of the kids? (White kids that is!) It’s a tale of the life of innocent adolescence, a change that’s going to come, and lots of every loving ‘dos the size of a beehive, all doused with plenty of Ultra-Clutch brand hairspray!
     This musical with book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan, and music by Marc Shaiman with lyrics by Shaiman and Scott Wittman, has been the stage crowd pleaser since it first premiered on The Great White Way at the early part of the 2000’s, which in turn was based on a feature film directed and written by John Waters, a man known for his tasteless appeal. In spite of the creator’s lack of good taste, this musical is the total opposite! It really has a bright and animated appeal as pungent as a hardy dose of ‘do mist! This performance has a loaded cast of players that makes this musical piece fun and frilly! Kimmy Zolozabal as Tracy is a treat to see, playing the typical teen back when such kids were seen and not heard! (And she’s not even skinny!) Sam Zeller as mom Edna steals the show as the mom who is also a dad–sort of! Michael Liles as MC Corny Collins is just as fun, showing off the cast of TV teens dancing to the hits! And speaking of dancing, regular GCT choreographer Orlando Alexander (assisted by Laurie Fedor) is back in helm with all of the dance numbers seen on stage that really add to the beat that can’t be stopped! Other behind the scenes rep stage personnel featured is Steve Applegate (transcribed music direction), Angela Wood of Glendale Costumes (costume designer) as well as GCT producer Tim Dietlein that provides the (uncredited) art direction, bathing the entire virtual set in shards of light pink and aqua green, two rather popular colors way back when when kids danced to “teen hits” on black and white television–keeping the “whites” separate from the “blacks”!
    Although there are other players appearing in this musical, there are way too many names to list here! (A total of twenty five appear on stage, but not necessarily all at once!) But each one of them performs in ever so top form and style.
     One last note: Bryon J. Batista provides the hair, wig, and make up designs, giving a real build of slick tops and high rise ‘dos, just like back in the day!
     It’s been some ten years since HAIRSPRAY first appeared on stage, now forming in many regional and community theaters all over the nation, if not the world. This show was nearly born to play at the Glendale Centre Theatre where period pieces (such as this one) are treated with well respect, playing close and deep attention to the era it represents. And this show is indeed no exception! Bring the entire clan along from the folks that know of the times, or even those that lived through ‘em. This show will provide with the toe-tapping good times with fun and hilarity all rolled into one smart package! John Waters..we forgive you!

     HAIRSPRAY, presented by and performs at The Glendale Centre Theatre, 324 North Orange Street, Glendale, until October 12th. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM, Saturday matinees at 3:00 PM, with added Sunday afternoon performance on September 1st, at 3:00 PM.     
     For reservations or information, call (818) 244-8481, or visit the web site at
(As posted on her Facebook “wall”)
Just said goodbye to my oldest son as he heads off for his last year of college. It really doesn’t get any easier. Heart ouch.

My sweet boy is officially off to college. I thought I’d be strong, but I cried my eyes out while packing this morning. I didn’t cry at the dorms, though, so I’m fairly proud of myself for holding it together. You want to know how sweet he is? Even though we’re going to see him tomorrow at the convocation, he didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to his sisters, so he went to their highschool at lunch. Man, I love that boy!

Super proud of my son Reno Wilson!!! He just landed his first paying job as a musician today!!! Congratulations Reno!!!! You rock!!!

I have nothing interesting to say . . . someone . . . entertain me.
As of August 26th, Tiffi has 1,750 Facebook “friends” and counting!

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