It’s not often that receive messages from folks that find us via Facebook, but we recently received this little note that we found as rather amusing. This person, who we assume is under the age of thirteen (the supposedly legal age to become part of the Facebook family, although ID is never checked or prescreened), reads as follows:

Hello! I’ve been reading your blogs for some time. I like what you write. I wish to be a blogger as well. However, I don’t seem to have enough to write about. So I’ll ask you. Where do ideals come from. Do you write them on your own, or do you get them from other writers?
     -Emmy, Calgary, AB.

      For starters, Emmy, thanks for writing! We are pleased that you enjoy our ”blogs”. But to answer your question on where we get our ideas to write about each week, there are any sources on topics to write about. Since our original goal is to write and report about the multi media (that is, radio, television, movies, ‘net related subjects, and so on), we scan through the many news stories, articles, and various inscribings out there that focus about this rather vast subject,If we find something that catches our attention, we’ll elaborate about the subject  Over the many years we have set aside our inquiries toward other subjects, but we do tend to stick to what we’re know for.
     Thanks to the overload of information that comes through the many pipes and channels, sometimes at an hourly basis, there is never a moment where there are not enough details to write about over matters labeled as important as much as they may be culled as trivial. (A majority of such so-called  “news” tends to be trivial!) Of course, there are the more newsworthy matters. We don’t make it a habit of comment upon every issue that comes down the pike, but if it involves our scope, there we’re on it.
     Generally speaking (or writing in this case), our ideas come from many places and many sources. Since we rely upon these sources, there is no excuse to have writer’s block. We don’t write fiction (not on these pages anyway!), nor do we write poetry. And honestly, we don’t tweet much! However, we do provide the usual antics as seen on these very pages on a weekly basis.
     For the record, we sent the above three paragraphs to Emmy directly to her Facebook assigned e-mail address to give her answer, since we are not aware that Emmy (assuming that is her real name and assuming that she is a she), is a direct subscriber. We did suggest that she adds her direct e-mail list to our growing roster, but as of this writing, we have yet to hear from her!
     Nevertheless, if you wish to contact us as well as become friends via Facebook, please look us up through the usual social media outlets and say “hiya”!. Check the last page of this issue on how to do it. And keep those letters coming in. Perhaps your notes will give us our next ideas! We can always use ‘em! See ya!
Theatre 40 of Beverly Hills presents TANGLIN’ HEARTS, the Zora Margolis/Peter Spelman musical of two Texas brothers out with their own agenda between the notions greed, the love of the land, along with a whole lot of romantic hearts intertwined, all set among the prairies of The Lone Star State.
     The stage setting is Arden County, Texas. This little spot’s located on the western side of the state finds the Fredricks clan. Ben Fredricks (Kevin Michael Moran) a shrewd and rather grabby business mogul, wants to build a huge theme park called “Benworld”; a place where good ol’ boys can have themselves a time, from shooting in a game area featuring anything that one can legally hunt down, a huge casino, along with a “no-tell-motel’ resort for the boys to have a more intimate times with some “long legged ponies”. He’s been buying every ranch and spread he can get his hands on. With this huge parcel at bay, he also wants to build a lethal dumping ground where places like New York City will gladly pay to direct their sewage out of town to this out of the way place. Fellow younger sibling Duke Fredricks (Sean Smith) want to preserve this land, with knowing of the threat of a take over of the Double W Ranch–the last holdout–owned by Jesse Wells (Madison Cassaday) and sibling Webb Wells (Nick Denning). Meanwhile Rosalind Fredricks (Heather Barr) daughter of Ben, and cousin Ceclia (Cailan Rose), have their desires to become big Country stars. They become entangled with this big takeover while they find their loves, along with a few other ideas. Between the notions of big city-type greed and a concept of favorable for all, its a simple tale of domestic good vs. evil–Texas style!
     This little musical uses the base of Willie Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, and transfers it to modern day Texas, creating a very witty and charming comedy, along with hosting a great musical score to boot. Zora Margolas pens the book and lyrics with story line by Charlotte Houghton and Margolas, with musical score by Peter Spelman along with an additional number by Wayne Storm. This team creates a stage work is holds plenty of charm that this production presents itself. The cast of nine performers pulls all of the stops in terms of signing (each cast member belts out a tune or two), and dancing as some perform more hoofing than others, thanks to Allison Bibicoff’s stage direction and choreography. The ensemble fetches their comical performances as pleasing and comforting as a ice cold long neck bottle of Lone Star beer. The additional performing troop, featuring Susan Brindely as Jackie, Trip Langley as Rowdy, Sarah Schulte as Phebe, and Bruce Schroffel as Cal Mantee, add to this tale that combines comedy, musical elements, along with some good old fashion romance that’s idea to the perfect fit that holds true to its western themed relish.
     Besides the musical score presented mostly transcribed under direction of Gonzalo Palacios is Jeff G. Rack’s set design, showing a few of the so-called “urban” settings of this slightly remote part of the state, as well as the Double W Ranch–the Texas version of the Bard’s Forest of Arden, although there isn’t any mention of a “forest” per se since there isn’t many trees in that part of the nation!
     This presentation of TANGLIN’ HEARTS at Theatre 40 marks the 20th anniversary of when this show was first performed. The authors brought the story line to the current era, making it a “new” work. Although this writer never took advantage of seeing the show when it was first performed, it’s not really known how different it was way back when. But this isn’t the point. The real notion here is that this musical has a lot to offer, and in indeed a little gem that shouldn’t get away! As its been quoted too many times before, everything’s bigger in Texas, and this show is indeed no exception! It’s a boot scootin’ rip-roaring’ spot of a good time! Git along l’il dogies!!

     TANGLIN’ HEARTS, performs in the Reuben Cordova Theatre, located on the campus of Beverly Hills, High School, 241 South Moreno Drive (off little Santa Monica Blvd.) Beverly Hills (Century City adjacent), until August 25th. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, with Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. For information and ticket reservations, call (310) 364-0535, or online at http://www.Theatre40.org
     The Eclectic Company Theatre in Valley Village (San Fernando Valley) continues its 10th annual HURRICANE SEASON New Play Festival & Playwriting Competition; a series of nine short plays running two weekends each where the audience vote for their favorite play.
     The previous weekend (July 26th-28th) opened the second of three sessions, consisting of a trio of short plays. Block II (the current session) checks out with Caroline Marshall’s The Road to Paradise, about a man in a hospital slowly dying of an uncurable illness who wishes to propose to his girlfriend, in spite of the fact that there may not be a future for their marriage. Featuring Kenlyn Kanouse, Rachel Kanouse, and Ryan McDonough. Biff Wiff directs; Supermom, written by Dean Farell Bruggerman, is about a mom of the 1950’s living among a postmodern family who is the one to rescue everyone in and for the family. Directed by Obed Medina and stars Lyle Daly, Rick Fresca, Ariel Funk, Nick Goldreich, Gabrial Green, and Caroline Marshall. And rounding out this set is Harry M. Bagdasian’s Carrying On, a period play set in the 1960’s about a young man working in a neighborhood auto garage who’s a bit emotionally unstable yet he desires to be out on his own. Kerr Lordygan directs this production that features Jennifer Bailey, Elliot Davis, Carissa Gipprich, Steve Gustafson, Mason Hallberg, and Perry Smith.
     One major element of this unique series presented each summer by The Eclectic Company Theatre is that each one of these short plays is comical through its own method, and presents a phenomenal twist, having the audience expect one conclusion only to receive another. It’s quirky theater at its prime!
     Once the voting takes place after each performance by the audience, the ballots are tallied with a winning entry for best actor/actress, best writer, best director, and best play, presented in a special ceremony that will be held at the theater space on August 23rd. (Contact the theater for details.)
     For those that enjoy their theater going experience to be placed within the category of “quirky and cocky”, HURRICANE SEASON is the place to be! These kinds of shows are not to be missed as one will never see anything like it! anywhere else! Once they are gone, they’re gone!

     HURRICANE SEASON, performs at The Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd. (between Chandler and Magnolia Blvd.) Valley Village, through August 18th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday afternoons at 2:00 PM. Block II continues on the weekend of August 2nd-4th. Block III runs the weekends of August 9th-11th and 16th -18th. For information and ticket reservations, call (818) 508-3003, or on line at http://www.EclecticCompanyTheatre.org
(As posted on her Facebook “wall”)
just finished my Anatomy and Physiology class a week early. Now off to pack for Mexico! Whoooooo hooooooo!!!!! Have a great week you all!

IT’S MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!! My iMac desktop is dying! We’re gonna have to go to the Apple store tomorrow night. I truly HATE buying new computers because I have to start all over with that dumb learning curve. Yeah, everything important is saved somewhere, but still… Ugh, last thing I wanted to do at this stage of my book. One month till deadline, lots more scenes to write, then my edits.
How do I know my iMac is dying? Random shut offs throughout the day, and then tonight when I rebooted, it started making a LOUD noise – sort of like an old tin lizzy. I thought she was going to explode on me! Then a fan turned on, which I’ve never heard before, and I literally ran for cover! I’m on my MacBook now, which is also a little ancient.
Night-night. Time to go read my Bible and calm down.

Wow a storm came in last night and woke me up, and it’s STILL raining. Unusual weather for this time of the year. Unusual and welcome. Still, it’s a little dark and wet outside for the activities we had planned.

A miracle has occurred today– I ran just over five miles and did not die. Is there a high five out there?!? 10K in two weeks.

I need to fire my housekeeper. She’s awful. Wait. That’s me. Well, this could get awkward.
As of July 29th, Tiffi has 1,732 Facebook “friends” and counting!


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