It was bound to happen to us sooner than later! It seemed that the later became a lot sooner than we would have thought. Generally spearing (or writing in this case), we became a victim of a hacker job!
Sometime over the previous weekend (June 1st-2nd), somebody or some source got into our secure servers and hacked out our database. The person (or persons) that were behind it all were apparently seeking some important data or files where valuable information about us can be used for their own purposes, such as bank account details, credit card information, and other bits of info that seemed of value to somebody else! However, all these folks found were older digitized back issues of this here newsletter and not much more.
Sure, they apparently stole what was found within the hard drive where we keep everything. However, all they got were copies of such data, something that we already have tucked away in yet another hard drive (one of three by the way) that are not connected to anything outside of a second Macintosh unplugged from an internet connection. The only element that was “lost” were the notes that was going to be part of this specific edition.
If anyone knows of their computer knowledge, it has been recommended by experts to back up one’s data within a safe and secure outlet. This would mean to use an external hard drive or a cloud source where such data would be safe from any outside evil doers. And we at Accessibly Live Off-Line took heed of this possible threat since the beginning of this calendar year.
Back in January, we arranged to set up a rather complex (to us anyway) system where all of our data would be automatically backed up to a hard wired hard drive. This drive, secured by a firewall (possibly two) where we can get inside the drive while others can’t, unless they were using our main machine here in person. Since most (not all) hackers do their work from afar, they would not be able to grab what they were looking for. And that data would be in the form of those for noted back issues. something that the hacker may find assuming, but hackers aren’t into their line of business for entertainment.
This was not the first attempt where such cyberhackers tried to get into our accounts. About two years ago where this writer was in SE Florida on assignment, some source attempted to gain into the server that was being used at the time. Luckily for us, they didn’t get inside. And about a year before that, another attempt was made. That job wasn’t as successful as every time they tried to get into our drives, they seemed to ask us if they could take a peek in the form of asking us permission. Not only we said “no” to their requests, it seemed that the party trying to get inside thought we were using some form of Windows operating system. A note to all hackers out there: We have been a Mac shop since day one, and we plan to keep it that way! However, we do appreciate the source for their interest!
Anyway, after looking at the “damage” the internet burglars did, all we could do it to roll our eyes, heave a sigh of relief, and to just move onward. OK, perhaps this issue won’t be jammed packed with all of the news we were going to report on, but at least we remain alive to tell the tale! It will point out to anybody out there in cyberspace land that we know out berries, and any attempt to get into our drives will be fruitless. There is not much to look at to begin with!
Oh yes! If anybody is looking to grab our bank account numbers, etc. you won’t find ‘em here! Those are stored onto another hard drive tucked far away in a safe place. We al least do admire your skill on how to hack into some storage bank thousands of miles away to perform your job –or we will assume it’s that far off!. It’s kind of like telecommuting where one can do office work while not in the office. It’s a “work at home” setup; the kind of office environment where every day is “casual Friday”. You can even work away at home while being in the buff! It gives one a cheap thrill to work on some boring spreadsheets donning nothing but a smile! If that isn’t progress, than what is?
Due to the for noted hack jobs (see about article), the reviews that were going to appear in this issue are not available. as this issue goes to “press”. We apologize for the inconvenience!
(As posted on her Facebook “wall”)
Editor’s note: For some reason, most (if not all) of Tiffi’s “friends” were either reporting upon personal tragic events–death or near deaths of friends, family members, or other known to the reporting party, or self promotion notices of goods, services, or anything that would be deemed as “advertising”. In other words, there isn’t anything that Tiffi’s many “friends” have to say this week!
However, as of June 3rd, Tiffi still has 1,763 Facebook “friends” and counting!

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