From celebrating when the living is easy to being ready for the season, Summertime ranks in as the number one time of year in terms of popularity by the public at large.
And why not? It’s when the weather is warmer, school is let out (for most parts of the nation, anyway) and it’s the moment to take a little vacation. Now necessarily to or within the traditional vacation spots, but to travel to a getaway that may be across the nation or across the street.
The season behind all of this high notation is the fact that the last weekend of May is the unofficial start of the summer season. Memorial Day, the holiday to recognized those that became fallen through military wars and related conflicts, is acknowledged by many, and sadly, triggers an affect to those that feel that this day is the time to hit the beach or to pull the ol’ gas grill from the garage/shed/storage area inviting the gang for some brats ‘n beer! It’s not really because these folk don’t care about those that gave up their lives to keep their nation safe and free from harm over “evil doers”, but the fact that they can’t relate to those who did their service since they don’t necessarily know or know of anyone who became a causality or war or related strife. This lack of knowledge isn’t meant to be mean of distasteful. This is how it is.
But this article isn’t about wars and those that served (that’s a whole other article as it stands), but this feature will speak about the warmest time of the year in this part of the world.
Unlike spring that signifies the “birth” of the year, Summer is the moment to let it all loose–so to speak! This article noted a bit about vacations, the time to pack up and head off somewhere far (or not so far) from one’s homestead. Travel is usually done by auto, and in spite of gas prices as they exist, folks will use their car for their great take off. And thanks to high tech gadgetry, it’s a whole lot easier to not only plan a trip, but where to stay, what do see and do, and to even find what gas stations in the immediate area has the best fuel prices.
That’s another issue when it comes to vacations. Once upon a time not too long ago. (perhaps ten or even twenty years before), if one was going away even for a weekend, they would be out of touch from others. Their little trip was indeed a real getaway, free from phone calls, TV reception, and other forms of communication unless the traveler went out of their way to phone home or wherever one must dial to keep abreast of things. Nowadays, people who take their trips insist that they drag their phones, pads, and laptops in order to survive. They may pack a token sleeping bag or a day’s supple of sunscreen, but God forbid if they forget their smart phone, it’s nearly the end of the world! If that iPad device isn’t around or their laptop handy (don’t forget internet access), how can they enjoy their trip? One can’t enjoy camping in the woods if they can’t download a hiking trail map, or use a GPS device so they won’t get lost! And what if they want to tweet about what was found on the trail? Or perhaps send pictures of each and every tree, bush, or forest animal found along the hiking path? And if the beach is one’s scene, you can text your friends about how the beach is too hot/cold/crowded/dirty/nonexistent! One can wait to inform their friends and “friends” once they return, but what would be the point of that?
In spite of this high tech hoo-doo, some folks will go the old school route and really hide out for the moment. And speaking of school, those kids who attend school will be off, or perhaps take on a few more classes to get their knowledge up by choice or through circumstance. Yes, there are a few folks who enroll in summer school that wasn’t of their making! When yours truly was in that mode (more years than this writer want’s to acknowledge), sitting in a classroom for a few hours of the day while the sun was shining and the weather was quite nice was total agony! How fun was keeping up with math problems one will never use in their life when they can take that same time space to do what a lot of kids did when school was out; hanging around the house doing plenty of nothing? (For the record, I really didn’t learn much in that summer school session. So much for advanced education!)
Whatever the case and whatever the situation, here’s to summer! Enjoy it while one can since before one knows it, it will be all over! How will one know? When Halloween supply shops start popping up in former vacated store fronts hawking their wares, and when new movies playing in theaters aren’t as loud and dumb as they used to be. That’s Hollywood, that’s the retail biz, and that is what summertime is all about–or maybe not!
The Glendale Centre Theatre presents Rogers & Hammerstein’s SOUTH PACIFIC, a tale of love and comical hijinks set among the terrane of the Pacific theater during the days of World War II.
The setting is a remote island located within the south Pacific ocean. The US Navy is in abundance as this force is doing its duty while fighting in the conflict. One of those is naval registered nurse Nellie Forbush (Heather Pond), a young lass from Arkansas that meets up with a local French bred plantation owner Emile de Becque (Kelby Thwaits), a suave yet slightly mysterious man who holds a secret past. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Joseph Cable (Michael Byrne) is transferred to this isle by the Navy to head a strategic assignment to create a spy post in order to take on the incoming Japanese navel fleet. Bloody Mary (Carissa Deveza Dizon), one of the natives that hawk island souvenirs such as hula skirts and genuine shrunken heads, attempts to fix Lt. Cable with her young daughter in hopes of marriage. And there are the Seabees, the naval “grunts” on board lead by the colorful Luther Billis (Shawn Cahill) that adds to the flavor and livelihood toward these tales set between romance, paradise, and war.
This time tested musical, taken from James A. Michener’s novel “Tales of the South Pacific”, shines like an island pearl. The show itself as seen on the GCT’s theater-in-the-round setting makes it even exceptional! The scenes depicted throughout the performance are created through placed props and furnishings that are brought onto the stage minus static backdrops, giving this presentation an epic floorboard setting look and feel without the overabundance, suggesting to the audience by showcasing this “less” is even “more”! (There is noting wrong with big epic stage productions except the fact such such grandness lack intimacy!) As to the performance, one will experience the singing by the cast, performing its dance numbers as choreographed by Valerie Rachelle, who not only creates the shuffle pieces but directs as well! Heather Pond as nurse Nellie is ideal as a gal, or perhaps “dame”, who creates her role in a gentle yet robust way, showing that she is serving in the naval forces yet keeping her southern bread charm for all to witness. Kelby Thwaits as Emile is the gentleman farmer (so to speak) that not only can play his component, but has the voice to go along with it all. Michael Byrne as Lt. Cable is the officer that takes on his dangerous mission while going through his romantic opportunity. Bringing on the hindmost in terms of comic relief is Carissa Deveza Dizon as the ‘mom-type’ Bloody Mary, keeping things in check while fobbing off the native wares to the Seabees stationed. And Shawn Cahill as Luther Billis, the guy whose big desire is to grab a Navy issued boat (through the aid of an officer) for Bali Ha’i, a tropical paradise where the natives do get restless but in a good way, is just as comical as he speaks with a slight accent that hints Brooklyn! This little trait just adds a lot toward the appeal to this musical that contains more well loved tunes that one can shake a hula skirt at! (Some Enchanted Evening, Bali Ha’i, Happy Talk, There is Nuthin’ Like A Dame, and countless others!) Thanks to Steve Applegate’s transcribed musical direction in addition to Angela Wood’s costuming (provided by Glendale Costumes, the official supplier to the GCT), this is one show where one can come to see the paradise offered!
Of course, there are other performers that make up the ensemble as seen at the GCT. Many do sing and dance while a few players don’t. Sadly, writing space doesn’t allow this reviewer to list ‘em all! This may be just a hint for those theater lovers out there to catch this evergreen musical on the GCT stage while one can! There may be nuttin’ like a dame, but there’s nothing like SOUTH PACIFIC. There are no coconuts among this bunch!

SOUTH PACIFIC, presented by and performs at The Glendale Centre Theatre, 324 North Orange Street, Glendale, until July 6th. Showtimes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM, and Saturday matinees at 3:00 PM.
For ticket reservations or for more information, call (818) 244-8481, or visit the web site at
The Angel City Chorale will present its semi annual concert celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its founding, taking place on Saturday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 2nd at the Wilshire United Methodist Church, located within the mid Wilshire district of Los Angeles.
The highlights of what’s in store will present within the first half Christopher Tin’s Calling All Dawns, taken from the Grammy winning album of the same name in a live west-coast premiere performance consisting of contemporary classical style pieces sung in twelve languages. The following segment will offer a selection of musical numbers ranging from traditional, to gospel, as well as a bit of rhythm and blues as The Best of The Angel City Chorale.
The Angel City Chorale was founded by distinguished artistic director Sue Fink in 1993 at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica with eighteen vocalists. Two decades later, the group has grown to some 160 members, performing musical numbers spanning the centuries from the pre dawn days of humankind to the opening of the 21st century, presented with their unique style of vocal arrangements.
The 20th Anniversary Concert will take place on Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd at 7:00 PM. A desert reception will follow each performance at the adjacent church hall. The concert location is at the Wilshire United Methodist Church, 4350 Wilshire Blvd.(east of Highland and west of Western Avenues), Los Angeles. (90005)
For more information including ticket prices, directions, and related details, call (310) 943-9231, or via online at
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Driving home from our little Anniversary getaway! Lots of rain but lots of time together! So grateful & blessed to have this godly man in my life!

I’ve had people tell me I dress like a librarian. I always answer “Thank You.” We do tend to dress like those we admire, no?

So….I have some news to share, but can’t yet. Sigh. 😦 Think I’ll leave the house so I’m not tempted to accidentally say anything!

Okay.. so I am in transition from cable to my Roku device… I have one in the bedroom.. and it limits the TV that keeps waking me up at night.. so.. I like it.. alot.. next will be one for the living room.. and then poof.. cable TV gone.. just internet netflix and hulu plus for entertainment..

When someone acts totally insane in the middle of the day, is it just me, or do you sometimes think to yourself, “It must be her Jack Daniels chap stick”?

Yikes, we’re going to be in the red zone for tomorrow!
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