A few weeks back, we received this message that supposedly came from a rather concerned reader. (S)he writes:
     …I don’t know why you guys never report on anything that’s going on in the nation right now There is a lot of things to consider, and you tend to ignore them all!
      What’s the deal? Are you guys afraid of the news….?
      -Terry J.
     Well Terry, first of all, thanks for your commentary. It’s always welcomed to know that somebody out there will take the time to express their perturbations. (That’s the two dollar word of the week!)
     Seriously, perhaps the short answer to your burning question is the fact that this news service doesn’t report on anything or everything–just the issues and considerations that would be appropriate to the scope of what our series of notes is all about. Although we do write editorials of things that take place within the domestic world we live in, but that’s doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about politics, the war (any “war”), or anything else that would be found in a newspaper–even the electronic kind of journalism. Yes, we are aware of what’s going on, and if we find that so-called issue of the day is worth a space here, then we’ll make our commentary. If it’s not something that we see fit, then we’ll let somebody else take the reins. Although we do make up of one of the millions of places to go on the net to find out just what’s going down, we are not the only folks in town! This is what’s called good ol’ diversity where different points of view are exposed for those readers to take for what it’s all worth.
     Terry wrote and sent his (or her) letter on April 15th, just hours after the bombing that took place in Boston. When that news first got out, many bloggers submitted their commentary over what happened, and what might have been the cause of it all. Peeking through the annals of Facebook, many of Tiffi’s “friends” did their part on the story, from placing links that came from various news services that posted video content etc., to their own personal one-liners, mostly that play along the ranks of “Pray for Boston..” or something along those lines. Most of these reports didn’t come from seasoned journalists, but from middle aged women (or it’s assumed that these are people from that demographic) that just use social media to their own advantage. Even the writers that Tiffi made “friends” with do not come from a journalistic background (as far as its known anyway) but do claim they are writers. However, their method of placing words and phrases on a word processing document take on the form of fiction, and that style of printed expression is totally different than somebody who takes notes on some issue from from scene. Interestingly enough, on our official Facebook wall via “Accessibly Live Off-Line” where as of this writing, there are only sixty “friends” linked–many of them are people we either know or know of that are professional in some form–a few made notes on what occurred. One of these  people, a disk jockey that’s a living legend from the glory days of top-40 radio, made some comments. However, all of the comments he tends to make appeared to be “canned”–written in a semi generic fashion. He never comments back to anyone who places a commentary on what he appeared to post. However, he also places other notes that is far from newsworthy, so there goes one’s proof.
     Nevertheless, if we find that something is worth our time and tide to express, then we’ll do it. If not, then fear not! Just hop on board through your favorite search engine, type in the subject you wish to get details on, and before one can write OMG, there will be links upon links about the topics on hand to read and wonder about. That’s the great thing about the ‘net! You can’t get less of what you are looking for. In fact, one tens to get what’s called too much information, or TMI for short! If one does fall into the TMI trap, then the real facts blur with the fictitious ones, and before one a chance to type WTF, there are enough details to start a conspiracy. But that’s for another topic as that stands!
     Remember, Accessibly Live Off-Line doesn’t call itself Your Low Tech News(TM=”trade mark”) for nothing, even if we do live in a high tech world full of cyberspeak IMHO!
     STEEL MAGNOLIAS, Robert Harling’s modern classic dramity of a close group of southern ladies who congregate in and around a local beauty salon to gossip, bicker, and even get their hair done, currently performs at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood.
     The setting is Truvy’s beauty salon located in Chinquapin, Louisiana, the place to go for to get a perm, manicure, and to catch up on the local news–the only news that matters. Truvey (Sonya Leslie Shepherd) runs the place herself, and is teaching her new younger and slightly naive assistant Annelle (Aba Arthus, alternatively played by Ashley Chatman) a few tricks of the trade. There’s the regulars who come in and out to work on their ‘dos as well as their tittle-tattle. There’s Shelby (Kimberly Dooley, alternatively played by Erica O’Keith), the lass that marches to her one beat, M’Lynn (Erin Frigo), Sherby’s mom who on her career track, Clairee (Audra Bryant), a well-to-do Grande Dame and the widow of the town’s former mayor, and rounding out the bunch is Ouiser (Dayna Dooley, alternatively played by Chris Shauna Johnson), better known as “Weezer”, another eccentric gal that may be fussy at times, but lovable nevertheless! If anyone who is anyone living in this community located within the heart of bayou county, this little beauty salon is the only place that’s worth its own weight in hairspray.
     One will expect anything and everything that this play presents itself to be, from charm, personality, drama, and of course comedy, and lots of it! Unlike many other stage works presented of this time tested play, this specific production as seen at the Hudson features an all African American cast that only enhances the wit and charisma most intended. The cast of six players appearing on stage perform within their roles that match up to their characters; quick witted and never missing a beat! Dino Shorte as director does a clever devour in making sure that these ladies of beauty always keep a fine appearance while clutching on to their catty side of notes and events.
     As to some of the behind the scenes notions, Joel Daavid designs the stage settings that shows off a rather simple yet spacious beauty salon, complete with the chairs, dryers, and comfy couches to sit while waiting a turn for a piece of beauty or the latest dirt–whatever is ideal for the moment!
     It’s always refreshing to see a new spin on a first-string stage work as STEEL MAGNOLIAS has presented itself over the many seasons. This kind of theater has never gone out of style, and will last through generations. After all, a great ‘do and the talk behind it is always in and on demand!

     STEEL MAGNOLIAS, presented by the FCBC Repertory Company, performs at the Hudson Backstage Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Hudson Street, one block west of Wilcox), Santa Monica, until May 19th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday afternoons at 3:00 PM. For ticket reservations and information, call (213) 632-9320, or online at
      Santa Monica’s Morgan-Wixson Theatre presents Joe Orton’s WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, a wild and woolly comedy performed in the British tradition of sheer madcap humor.
     Philip Apoian is featured as Dr. Prentice, a psychiatric doctor settled in at a select London clinic, is in the process of interviewing Geraldine Barclay (Emily McLeod) for a secretarial position. The doctor takes advantage of the interview by trying to seduce her as such doctors do. As a married man to Mrs. Prentice (Maria Pavone), the wife herself had a few extramarital affairs herself at a local hotel. As the doctor tries to hide Geraidine from his spouse in order to have his fun, in walks Nicholas Beckett (Frank Weidner) a bellhop at the same hotel who claims to have a series of blackmail photos of her little flings. To complicate things further. Doctor Prentice is visited by a medical inspector Dr. Rance (Harold Dershimer) to see if his clinic is in the up and up, as well as constable Sergeant Match (Drew Fitzsimmons), Before too long, the Doctor has more on his hands than Geraldine’s “naughty bits” as the five others run to and for in various forms of total hijinks!
      This comedy is presented in the classic form of British slapstick humor, complete with running in and out of doors, sexual innuendoes, mistaken identities, and having its share of characters in various forms of undress with a touch of cross dressing! The pacing is wild, the dialogue holds lots of wit (bawdy wit that is), and is most defiantly politically incorrect!! The cast of six fits their roles quite well, from the good doctor who knows more that he’s willing to admit, the wife that’s just as unfaithful as he is, the bellboy what  can carry more than just a few bags, the no nonsense clinic inspector that suspects nothing from something, and the copper that get mix in with everything else! Ben Lupejkis directs this farce that is very amusing and downright funny! If one can forgive the sexual references and the lack of “PC” involved, then all the better!
     British oriented stage farces are into their own league, and it’s not often as such timely classics as this one is performed on any stage, be in the the US or UK. WHAT THE BUTLER SAW is worth seeing to have a hearty laugh for the sake of guilt-free bawdy merriment. Interestedly enough, there are no butler cast in the production! Then again, even if there was a butler, they too would be running hither and yon donning nearly nothing but a smile if not shagging! To use a oft told line, they really don’t write ‘em as they used to. So enjoy this form of comic hysterics while it’s available

     WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, presented by and performs at The Morgan-Wixson Theatre, 2627 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, until May 29th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. For reservations or for more information, call (310) 828-7519, or via on-line at
(As posted on her Facebook “wall”)
It’s after 3 am. My neck hurts. I remember how I used to be able to tell the weather with my hair. It’s naturally curly and it would go into spiraled frizz mode during rainy weather. I thought that was a pain until I was introduced to Rheumatoid arthritis.

Hey 80’s kids, what movie was I thinking of while waiting at the curb to spring my son out of high school on a beautiful spring day? (Okay, it was for an appt, but you get the idea.)

Hi all–Anyone still have a land line phone at home?

Super sad. Schnitzel, 1week old kitten, didn’t make it. No kitty on my radar. 😦

Bruised some ribs. Wearing back brace today. So thankful to have this aid to help me keep going. What’s going on with you?

The house in Charlotte is sold! Hallelujah!
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