It appears that those that waited at the last moment to file one’s federal and state taxes are expecting to receive their refunds returned by the IRS. Now that the official tax season wrapped up on April 15th, those lucky enough to deserve a refund have already received their refunds or will be expecting to nab ‘em very shortly.
According to stats as reported by way of the IRS, some 81% of those filing a return (out of 96.6 million) are expected to receive a refund averaging $2,755. (In 2012, the average refund was $2,794). And with 89% of those returns filed electronically, the refunds will not only get there faster, but they will still do nice for those folks that would rather have the cash on hand rather than to fob them to the government.
There’s other notions to take in this episode. Some folks experience no bothers when it comes to filing taxes, as 29% reported as liking to do their taxes according to a poll taken by the Pew Research Center. 5% of those who expect a big refund stated that they love sending out those 1040 (and other) forms to the IRS. (25% who expect a small or nonexistent refund hate doing ‘’em!) But the story here is getting the share of the cash that will otherwise go toward paying federal tariffs.
During the “crunch” times where taxes were due or nearly due, many retailers, mostly on the local or regional level, were toting “tax refund” sales. Many of these outlets, usually in the form of physical stores that sell electronics (mostly big screen TV sets) or those that sell cars (a mix of new and used) have been applying in their ads that one can use that refund to use as a down payment on an auto, or to apply the same refund toward the purchase of some oversized TV machine that holds many of the bells & whistles that giant sized monitors tend to have in place.
Then again, there are the 19% of those that filed their taxes on time that will have to pay additional fees (on the worst side of the scale) or to receive nothing–the “best” scenario of the former. Those not receiving anything will not be getting their checks in the e-mail, standard mail, or any form of delivery! Since the IRS will not cut a check for the total amount of ‘zero”, one won’t expect anything to ponder upon.
On the other hand, if one has to file their tax return knowing that no money is to be owed, there will not be any penalty applied to the filer. The IRS applies a 5% penalty fee to the amount owned each month until the amount is paid in full. So if one does the math, 5% of zero equals to zero! However, one does have three years to file a “ground zero” amount. If one is lucky enough to eventually obtain a refund, the money returned may not come around for a while, if at all!. Even though it’s been a little over two weeks since those taxes were due, it’s best to send out the forms on time, but that’s not until the next tax season.
As this article is being finalized, this reporter just received word from a fellow college that he just received his refund via electronic means. The person, who we’ll call “Mr. Taxpayer” (not a very original name to use, but that’s beside the point), had just sent what appears to be an important e-mail message to yours truly announcing that his refund for filing his taxes (rather early–for the record) came to the entire sum of $38.00!
Perhaps Mr. Taxpayer is pleased to receive this amount due to the notion that he once owed a large amount of money to the IRS that came from a failed business that he was listed in the legal paperwork as a partner. To make this longer tale short, he fought with the IRS to clear his name since his partnership wasn’t what is seemed to be as listed on the legal documents.
After all of that hassle was done and cleared, his small amount is welcomed news. Now for the first time in many seasons, the IRS owed him money rather than the other way around.
So what will Mr. Taxpayer do with that amount of cash? Pay off his phone carrier for back money owned due to his cell phone usage! This usage applies to all of those broadband hungry “apps” that’s installed on his phone that he uses on a daily, and sometime hourly, basis!
In spite of this, his refund was in the e-mail as he learned that fact through his smart phone–the same phone he used to send this writer him important message!
Then again, the tax filing fun starts all over again next January 1st. So get those calculators and key strokes ready, willing, and able! The IRS will be there, ready to serve you!
                                                                                                       NEWS AND REVIEWS
Mitch Albom’s DUCK HUNTER SHOOTS ANGEL, a comedy about a pair of duck hunters that unintentionally take fire upon a heavenly being, and the big city newspaper reporter who investigates this tragic event, opens at Pasadena’s Carrie Hamilton Theatre.
There’s been word going around that two duck hunters from the backwoods of Alabama Duane and Duwell (David St. James and Michael Dempsey) shot themselves an angel complete with feathered wings! Sandy (Will Aaron) is an investigative reporter for the Weekly World Globe, a twice weekly supermarket tabloid ( a number of notches down from their competition, The National Inquire) that features such hard hitting news articles on five headed cows and Princess Di sightings; In other words, all crap journalism!! Sandy knows that he writes crap, but as long as the editor of the WWG Lenny (Ara Anton) finds a suitable report for his rag, the crap only gets better! So he assigns Sandy on this story to find these pair of duck hunters and perhaps get a photo or two, heading out to the heart o’ Dixie with photographer Lenny (Rodrick Jean-Charles) in tow. Will Sandy get his story so Lenny can splash it on the front page? Sandy may grab his juicy scoop, but he finds out more than just a pair of backwater gun toting hunters shooting a angel. And is it a real angel–kin to the piece about the alligator man on the loose the WWG printed a while back?
This play is just as funny and wacky as some of the stories that the real tabloids been hacking out for years–even longer! By all means there are the standards laughs in store (and there are plenty), but there is also a touch of touching drama seen as the Sandy character holds a personal link to ‘Bama through flashback scenes with a long lost ex-girlfriend, played by Alexis Simpson. This one part drama nine part laugh fest balances each other out into a piece that pays tribute to legends that are so off the wall, those same tales just might be true!
Richard Pierce directs a great cast of players appearing in this show that also include Carolyn Gilroy, Bob Wilson, and Nick Rooz, all adding to how fun and funny such a stage play can be.
This writer won’t give out any spoilers on what the real outcome is here, but that same writer will state that DUCK HUNTER SHOOTS ANGEL may not wind up as the story of the year, (let alone prize winning), but it’s more as the scoop of the hour! Fair warning: Just make sure when one is hunting ducks, positively check that these ducks aren’t sporting halos! Otherwise, it’s the time for the tabloid rags to yell “stop the presses”!

     DUCK HUNTER SHOOTS ANGEL, presented by the Neo Theatre Ensemble, and performs at The Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse, 39 South El Molino (between Colorado Blvd. and Green Street), Pasadena, until May 12th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sundays at 2:00 and 7:00 PM. For ticket reservations or for more information, call (323) 364-2670, or via online at
Performing at Santa Monica’s Edgemar Center for the Arts’ Second Stage auditorium is the world premier presentation of Dale Griffiths Stamos’ ONE WHITE CROW, a drama about an investigative reporter’s lead on obtaining the low down on a television personality who claims to hold the power of communicating with the deceased, and the aid of a second media notable whose professional role is to also seek the truth.
Michelle Danner is Judith Knight. She has her own TV talk show that has her speak about supernatural ideas that include her vocalizing to those that have passed on. She verbalizes that she has this ability to communicate with those no longer living. Through her psychic powers, she assists those (usually a loved one of the deceased) to get in contact with those departed from their “sprit world”. This occurrence draws speculation from Tess O’Neall (Jane Hajduk) a print journalist whose late father was once a distinguish science writer. She is compiling a story seeking the honest truth if Judith can really speak to the dead. Tess joins forces with Alex Rimbaud (Bob Estes) as an aid for her story. Alex is also a TV personality whose mission is to seek the truth about issues, including the sorting out of those that are legit or cons. Both Tess and Alex were once romantically involved a few years back. Their meeting of the minds isn’t necessarily because they were once an item, and the two know that something is up with Judith, but what is the real issue here? Does Judith possess this ability to communicate toward a hereafter as she demonstrates, or is this “gift” just an amusing hoax?And how does Tess’ late father’s knowledge of scientific theory hold a link to the consequences on hand?
This drama written by Dale Griffiths Stamos is a cleverly composed play about the notions of new age based philosophy and how such a following can bring outcomes that are based on facts or beliefs. Michelle Danner as Judith Knight performs as a spokesperson of this method using a gentle temperament within her guidance that is almost motherly, presenting a trust that may or may not exist. (How can she speak to those that are not in a physical form?) Rob Estes as Alex Rimbaud is a media personality that also seeks the truth but is far from being aggressive in his mission, unlike actual media folks that employs a no-holes barred method toward hitting upon a fact finding mission. And rounding out the trio of players is Jane Hajdue as Tess O’Neill as a journalist is takes each step to find the truth in a logical sense, far removed from some article otherwise found in a tabloid rag.
The set design seen within this production as designed by Travis Thi consists of three seamless spaces; Tess’s apartment, Judith’s backstage dressing room, and a neutral coffee bar, all donned in various shards of white tone, emphasizing the “purity” of Judith’s ability, and the professional and personal relationship between Tess and Alex as they find out what’s real and what’s not.
Directed by Deborah LaVine, ONE WHITE CROW shows intellect and doesn’t take side upon the issues it speaks about. Over many generations, there have been truths and myths proven and debunked over the notion that deceased human souls do exist somewhere–or not! Whatever is real or otherwise, this drama is hard hitting without the actual punch and does communicate well–not necessarily with the late John and Jane Q. Publics of the times.

     ONE WHITE CROW, presented by and performs at The Edgemar Center for the Arts Second Stage auditorium, 2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, until June 23rd. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 5:00 PM. No performances on May 10th, 11th, and 12th. For ticket reservations or for more information, call (310) 392-7327, or online at
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Yay my treadmill arrived over a week early. I know what I’m gonna do tonight to calm my nerves about the last ged test I take tomorrow!

So somehow it’s 9 PM and I haven’t done a lick of schoolwork. I wonder if I should even bother….

Looking forward to a new Castle tonight. Ready for some light-hearted fare after a heavy-hearted afternoon.

I’m planning a 50 th anniversary for my dad and step mother. Ant tips?

A few minutes ago while having a BEYOND intense conversation on the phone a scorpion crawled from under the refrigerator. I have never seen one in this house. Yikes! I couldn’t stop the conversation, so I grabbed my scissors and cut him into little pieces. Is it true that where there is one there is more?

Jake is sick. Could be a very long night.

Think L.A. truly missed Gryphon – he is snuggled up at his feet (normally he’s laying in his kitty bed).

Going to leave us hanging on Bobby Brantleys wreck on Lizard Lick i pray hes ok.

Mac Miller always kills it
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