One of those sort of people one can call a “friend-of-a-friend” will be getting married sometime later this spring. Although this writer won’t be attending the wedding or ceremony, (Reason? No invite!) there is something related to the event that’s worth noting.
     As with many weddings, the couple (a man and a woman, in case somebody’s tracking these kind of details down), plan to have this kind of milestone featuring many of the bells and whistles one would find in such a once in a lifetime event!–or once in a lifetime in theory anyway!
     One of the many elements placed within the couple’s budget is photographic services, where a photographer will hustle about with a big deal camera with its rather clunky yet precise barrel lens(es) to shoot anything and everything related to the event, from the moment the congregation arrives at the place where the exchanging of the vows will occur, to the reception hall where the usual post wedding antics will commence.
      When the couple arranged with the photographer to take the amount of pictures of the ceremony, they requested one important notion for the photographer to do during the festivities. They requested that he ((or at least to this writer, it’s assumed that the camera person is male) shoot every picture on–and get ready for this–film!
     That’s right! The bride ‘n groom wants to photographer to shoot the events occurring on that special day on standard 35 mm film stock!
     In this day and age, many couples who marry (usually those in the later 20’s and 30’s) are those lumped within the demographic called “Generation X”; those born between 1965 to around 1979–give or take. This demographic are just second to “Millenniums” (born from 1980 through 1995) who are wired to the max! Thanks to so-called modern technology, this group of young(er) adults take advantage of anything one can do with an electronic device and the applications (a.k.a. “apps”) that go along with ‘em. Smartphones do every sort of task that the owner of the device wants, from finding the closest drug store to getting the latest box scores. (And don’t forget sending and receiving voice and text messages!!) Laptops and electronic “pads” take care of more options that smartphone can or can’t do. And the ‘net is there within reach where one can “like”, “pin”, “tweet” and “Google” to their little heart’s content. Roughly speaking, the entire world is at their grasp, and it is the first and only option.
      However, this couple, reported to be somewhere in their early 30’s, wants their photo guy to shoot their wedding pics on film–a method to capture images onto a fixed source that’s been around in one form or another for some 150 years!
     It isn’t necessarily known why the couple had the desire to have their wedding shot on film rather than on high(er) quality JPEG digital files. However, they seem to realize that in the era where anyone and everyone can snap a photo or three within a near instant–assuming that their smartphone is within reach, and keep it for prosperity, forward it to some cloud files, post/pin it on a website, or just look at it and delete it forever, they want to keep these pics nearly forever! It appears that the couple discovered the fact that these photos that will capture all of the glory that a wedding ceremony and reception can hold are just more than casual pix one snaps of your BFFs at that sit down franchised joint eatery celebrating somebody’s birthday.
     This writer holds a collection of wedding pictures that exist in print and on 35mm slide stock taken over the years by those not necessarily known to the collector. Looking at these pics, one can see all of the drama (good drama, rather than the “bad” kind) that occurs when a couple says “I do” to each other. These are the kind of photos worth savoring. That is, unless a divorce is looming where the collection of prints are now just hotch. Perhaps that might be the reason behind why yours truly has these stills rather than the couple or family in question.
      Of course, only time and tide will surface if this couple will remain together in the many years to come. If they do, then these pics will be savored for future generations to love and admire, or will be shoved into a container and stashed away, never to be looked at again! Even if the couple winds up as splitsville, at least the photo collection will survive, rather than dumping them by somebody hitting the “delete” button in order to never look at images showing off a happy moment that’s happy no more!
      As it was once noted on a dramatic TV show now long forgotten, there are eight million stories in the naked city, and perhaps this was one of ‘em!
     Bill Manhoff’s THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT, a comedy about a unique encounter between a would-be writer and a “working girl”, performs at North Hollywood’s T. U. Studios.
     Bill Stevenson is Felix. He is by day a clerk in a bookshop in San Francisco. After hours, he’s a writer of stories and prose that doesn’t seem to circulate anywhere beyond his cramped apartment. Jade Warner is Doris. By day, she’s a model and actress whose biggest roles has been in a pair of lowly TV commercials. After hours, she’s a call girl who acts and performs in more of a personal stance. One late night, she barges into Felix’s place after being tossed out of her joint, now making the humble writer-to-be’s place as her home. At first, Felix won’t allow for Doris, who takes on a number of “stage” names at times not keeping track of ‘em, to crash at his place at a moment’s notice, but nevertheless lets her stay. After a bit, he realizes that she just needs a little enlightenment through reading and discovering new words by looking them up in his oversized dictionary. Her contribution is something that he doesn’t seem to get; a little personal companionship–an applicable service she would normally charge for! This odd relationship turns as one that is more of a help than another urban nuisance.
     This play, first presented back in 1964, was very cutting edge at the time for a comedy of this caliber. Nearly fifty years later, much of the charm and wit still remains, in spite of the fact that some (very minor) dialogue lines and situations play out as attentions originating from another era. Within this specific production, the two (and only) leads fit their characters rather well. Bill Stevenson, a seasoned actor with a long list of roles in various television programs, adjusts the kind of disposition as a man who creates failed written prose would arise: intelligent yet not too great looking! (Bill’s lack of hair serves as its own personality!) Jade Warner as Doris is bold and brassy, yet seeks real love, rather than the kind of love she professionally applies! Gloria Gifford directs this play as an item that brings these two performers holding out as their own.
     THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT is a theater piece that hasn’t been seeing the light of day when it comes to stage revivals as it once did. (Perhaps the slightly dated elements may have something to do with that notion!) Nevertheless, it still holds out as it’s own, and it does work well in an intimate theater space as witnessed here! It’s still a hoot with the cat’s meow attached!

     THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT, presented by Jamaica Mood Productions and the GGC Players, performs at the T.U. Studios, 10943 Camarillo Street (at Lankershim Blvd.), North Hollywood, until May 12th. Showtimes are Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM. For more information and for ticket reservations, call (310) 366-5505, or via on line at
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Kerri and I went shopping in Peachtree City today and ate at J Christopher’s! It was delicious just like last week!

Finally, taxes are filed! I always dread having to fill out all the forms and e-file them, but it was a bit easier this year–I guess experience counts for something and TaxAct software guides me through really fairly simply.

ROAD TRIP!!!! Heading to East Aurora today, Vidler’s Mercantile, The Copper Shop, President Millard Fillmore’s historic home, Fisher Price Toys!!!! Color me happy!

I love bking, as I don’t own a car right now, and even bike to the grocery store and put my bag in my basket…everyone sees me around town, biking…i pretend I am on Matha’s Vineyard and way too cool!
As of April 8th, Tiffi has 1,732 Facebook “friends” and counting!

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