This edition will tackle two topics that really have noting to do with one another. However, we’ll try once again to do our version of a classic “mashup” by fusing a pair of topics that may (or may not) have something in common.
This issue is the first issue of the second quarter of ’13. The first fourth of the year is already for the history books. And March was a rather “wild” month.
A lot of stuff occurred in that third month of the year. The government began its budget cuts calling it a “sequester”, A new Pope was elected, and Twinkies will be back on the market come summertime! (Stock up later this summer!) Also, March is when Easter and Passover took place instead of the traditional April. (If you missed out on any Easter egg hunts and/or Seders, better luck next year!)
Of course, April has a few notions on its own. It’s a big month for Birthdays around the Accessibly Live Off-Line radio ranch, it will be Tomb Sweeping Day in China (April 4th), and everybody’s taxes will be due come Monday the 15th. (Thanks to e-filing, there is no need to trek to the local post office in order to mail one’s returns, but people still do it anyway just as long as those mailed returns are postmarked the 15th at 11:59 PM local time!) It’s also the start of Baseball season, where the boys in blue (or red, or black, or whatever colors one follows) will be hitting the ol’ ball field to play what’s been called as America’s pass time!
And for most parts of the nation, the signs of Spring has arrived. There is the warmer temps, the budding trees, and the usual antics that are associated with the season. So for those that have to deal with the elements, place those snow blowers in storage, whip out the wading pools, and enjoy mom nature at her finest! Then again, it’s also tornado season as those twisters play havoc in those areas that are keen to be hit. With mobile homes and downed power lines to mess with, that’s not such a good thing to face!
So much for the weather report. Now it’s time to move on to other matters!
A report came down out way stating that people that use digital video recorders (DVRs) that can record television programming for later viewing never get around to view the programming they recorded.
According to a study filed per Motorola Mobility’s annual media survey, 41% of all domestic (USA based) recorded video content is never watched. Worldwide, the amount of recorded yet never viewed content comes to 36%.
There are reasons why folks with a DVR record programming yet never get around to watching any of it, as the study finds out. The number one factor to this recording is that people like to “hoard” programming to have a complete series run of a specific TV series, as a whopping 72% of DVR usage falls into this category.
But those that do get around to watching their programing later state that over three fourths (77%) record because there is other content airing at the same time that the viewer would prefer to watch “live”. 68% record to skip commercials.
The report goes on, but this article will skip those amusing yet semi dull stats. (For the record, this report comes a survey of video consumption habits among 9,500 consumers in 17 nations.)
So why bother to have one record their so-called favorite programs only to never to view them? Since hard drive space is cheap (for what it is), there is never a real reason to scrimp nor save. It’s not like the videotape days of old where at one time, singe tapes cost as much as $20.00 apiece–and that’s for the standard quality! (Not to totally get off the subject, his writer recalls a mail order house that advertised Fuji brand videotape going at the “bargain” price of $11.50 per tape–as long as the buyer bought a box of twelve!) However, tapes today (assuming if one can find black tape stock) costs around 99 cents each!
Whatever the case and whatever the cause, it’s a new month, and it will be over within thirty days (give or take) only to have one enjoy the perils of May! But that’s another story, and another month!!
The Fremont Center Theatre presents as a guest production the world premier of THE INNOCENCE OF FATHER BROWN, a new stage adaptation based upon the stories created by G. K. Chesterton of the character Father Brown, a man of the cloth who is also a well keened detective.
Blake Walker is the titled eminence. His occupation is a spiritual leader found within his community that not only holds a knowledge of his faith, but has the acumen of a seasoned detective. The place is London, and the period is the 1920’s. A series of murders are occurring where the police inspectors are puzzled. But the good man of sprit with the aid of his assistant, a former thief turned college named Flambeau (Brandon Parris) who Father constantly challenges him over principles that are of mind and soul, succeeds in coming up with a solution to the misdeeds in question. How can this man trained as a Priest within the church, come up with the results behind the rather hideous deeds (for what they are) in spite of his formal methods of training?
This play that is based upon the series of short stories written by G. K. Chesterton in the early part of the 20th century, may not be as widely known to the casual reader in such literature fountains as compared to other London based crime inspectors as Sherlock Holmes or anything from Agatha Christie, but is just as appealing and hold the same allure, since it seems that British amateur detectives can solve crimes with more charm and grace than a domestic American established party could! Playwright Patrick Rieger, a devoted fan of the writings of Gilbert Keith (G.K.) Chesterton, pens a stage work that shows as much wit as it does through its casual spiritually aspects. It holds the basic theme of a so-called “whodunit” (a murder, a few ribald suspects, a number of sidetracks and dead ends, as well as a final solution) that doesn’t function as a standard “whodunit”. Blake Walker as Father Brown takes advantage in what he knows to come up with the results without any sense of force. (Many other British inspectors and detectives do not use any kind of recognizable duress either!) He’s more of a person who would have the crime perpetrator confess to their sins on their own effort rather than some one who has to dig into the facts for a collection of clues. Allison Darby Gorjian and Betsy Roth, both sharing their own passion behind this fictional man of faith, directs this show with a skill that keeps it very entertaining. It may not necessarily have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats, but with a Priest in charge, it will keep the theater audience intrigued, but not getting down on their knees as one may suspect!!
Besides Blake Walker as the protagonist, this performance features an ensemble of players that include Adam Elliot, Erika Frances, Michael Hoag, Kate O’Toole, Terrance Robinson, and Jon Snow. Snow, along with Terrance Robinson and Kate O’Toole, perform in a number of roles.
In short, THE INNOCENCE OF FATHER BROWN is an ideal way to introduce mystery fans (both casual leveled as well as diehard) to go further behind these short stories and vignettes created some 70+ years before. As expected, it’s theme is not to preach nor guide one into any form of devout doctrine, but to enlighten one with an example of caliber theater. Let’s hope there will be more stage plays of this kind to be produced in the near future. And with the Fremont Centre Theater’s intimate stage space, this is the ideal spread to view such plays. The acoustics are choice, the backdrops are never overwhelming, and there isn’t really a “bad” seat in the house!

THE INNOCENCE OF FATHER BROWN, presented by Little Candle Productions and performs at the Fremont Centre Theatre, 1000 Fremont Street, South Pasadena, until April 28th. Showtimes are Thursday nights at 7:30 PM, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. For reservations and for more information, call (866) 811-4111, or on line at
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I love watching the Voice. At the start of the new season, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the new team with Shakira and Usher, but turns out I like it better. If you watch the show, what do you think? Old Team Voice or New Team Voice? Cause you know, these things are important. 🙂

I introduced my grandson to Photo Booth last night. We took 80+ photos!!! I think I’ve created a monster. Hahaha.

Is it wrong to want to throw my computer out the window and start over with a new computer and new email address? (Tonight over 20k emails flooded my inbox). Ken Martin we’ll be calling you! 🙂
As of April 1st, Tiffi has 1,728 Facebook “friends” and counting!

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